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PREMIUM YARD GLR Advanced Recycling – Livonia

CLOSED TODAY • Opens next Monday at 8:00 AM


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Info & Hours for GLR Advanced Recycling – Livonia

MON FROM 8:00 AM TO 4:45 PM
TUE FROM 8:00 AM TO 4:45 PM
WED FROM 8:00 AM TO 4:45 PM
THU FROM 8:00 AM TO 4:45 PM
FRI FROM 8:00 AM TO 4:45 PM
SAT FROM 8:00 AM TO 12:45 PM

About GLR Advanced Recycling – Livonia

GLR takes pride in providing superior customer service for commercial accounts and walk-in scale customers. We process both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cars and electronics.

We accept ferrous metals including to steel, cast iron, borings/turnings, stampings, plate and structural steel.

We accept Non-ferrous metals: including copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel alloys, stainless steel, carbide, precious metals, and many more.

We are pleased to offer customers drop-off and pick-up services from a dependable, dedicated transportation team. Our transportation services also include access to an array of roll-off containers and small dump hoppers to allow for customization to meet your specific commercial needs. Our experienced, knowledgeable GLR Metal Team can perform onsite material evaluations utilizing state of the art technology.

Additionally, we specialize in working with businesses and professionals to develop complete recycling solutions for all facets of your organization. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your specific scrap metal recycling needs!

Call GLR for all of your scrap metal recycling needs: 734-266-2700

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