Jacksonville Metal Recycling

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Current Prices as of September 6, 2016

Metal Picture Metal Name Metal Price
Photo of #1 Copper Tubing #1 Copper Tubing $1.65 / lb
Photo of #2 Copper Tubing #2 Copper Tubing $1.45 / lb
Photo of #3 Roofing Copper #3 Roofing Copper $0.95 / lb
Photo of 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel $0.22 / lb
Photo of 316 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel $0.35 / lb
Photo of AL Extrusion AL Extrusion $0.30 TO 0.44 / lb
Photo of AL/ Copper Rads w/Iron AL/ Copper Rads w/Iron $0.60 TO 0.65 / lb
Photo of Aluminum 6061 Aluminum 6061 $0.35 / lb
Photo of Aluminum 6063 Aluminum 6063 $0.44 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Bumpers Aluminum Bumpers $0.20 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Cans Aluminum Cans $0.42 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Copper Radiators Aluminum Copper Radiators $0.90 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Radiators Aluminum Radiators $0.27 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Rims Aluminum Rims $0.35 TO 0.45 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Siding Aluminum Siding $0.27 TO 0.36 / lb
Photo of Aluminum Turnings Aluminum Turnings $0.16 TO 0.25 / lb
Photo of Bare Bright Copper Bare Bright Copper $1.70 / lb
Photo of Brass Brass $1.15 TO 1.25 / lb
Photo of Brass Radiators Brass Radiators $0.70 TO 1.05 / lb
Photo of CATV Wire CATV Wire $0.05 TO 0.23 / lb
Photo of Car/Truck Batteries Car/Truck Batteries $0.17 TO 0.20 / lb
Photo of Cast Aluminum Cast Aluminum $0.31 / lb
Photo of Christmas Lights Christmas Lights $0.15 / lb
Photo of Clean Brass Radiators Clean Brass Radiators $1.00 TO 1.05 / lb
Photo of Dirty AL Radiators Dirty AL Radiators $0.15 / lb
Photo of Dirty Brass Radiators Dirty Brass Radiators $0.70 TO 0.75 / lb
Photo of Electric Motors (Copper) Electric Motors (Copper) $0.13 / lb
Photo of Insulated Copper Wire Insulated Copper Wire $0.12 TO 1.15 / lb
Photo of Lead Lead $0.25 / lb
Photo of Lead Wheel Weights Lead Wheel Weights $0.08 / lb
Photo of Old Sheet Aluminum Old Sheet Aluminum $0.30 TO 0.35 / lb
Photo of Sealed Units Sealed Units $0.09 / lb
Photo of Wiring Harness Wiring Harness $0.58 / lb
Photo of Yellow Brass Yellow Brass $1.20 / lb
Metal Picture Metal Name Metal Price
Photo of #1 HMS #1 HMS $4.00 / CW
Photo of #2 HMS #2 HMS $4.00 / CW
Photo of Cast Iron Cast Iron $4.00 / CW
Photo of Dishwashers Dishwashers $3.75 / CW
Photo of Dryers Dryers $3.75 / CW
Photo of Light Iron Light Iron CALL US
Photo of Tin Tin $3.75 / CW
Photo of Unprepared HMS Unprepared HMS $2.00 / CW
Photo of Water Heaters Water Heaters $3.75 / CW
Metal Picture Metal Name Metal Price
Photo of CPU Chips CPU Chips $0.20 / each
Photo of Cellphones Cellphones CALL US
Photo of Computer Wire Computer Wire CALL US
Photo of Hard Drives Hard Drives $0.30 / lb
Photo of Keyboards Keyboards $0.025 / lb
Photo of Laptops Laptops $0.25 / lb
Photo of Low Grade Boards Low Grade Boards $0.10 / lb
Photo of Memory Memory $0.08 TO 0.18 / lb
Photo of PC Boards PC Boards CALL US
Photo of PC Tower PC Tower $0.12 / lb
Photo of Power Supplies Power Supplies $0.10 TO 0.15 / lb
Photo of Printers/Fax Machines Printers/Fax Machines $0.01 / lb
Photo of Telecom Equipment Telecom Equipment CALL US

Management reserves the right to change or modify all prices, the prices that you see are our buying prices.


Map for Jacksonville Metal Recycling


4718 Philips Highway
Jacksonville, Florida 32207


MAIN: 904-733-5575


Opens today at 8:30 AM

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