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Copper National Average $3.00/lb Updated 03/20/2023
Steel National Average $210.00/ton Updated 03/20/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.54/lb Updated 03/20/2023

West Virginia

West Virginia scrap yardsFacts & Information – West Virginia, USA

Located in the Appalachian Region of the United States, West Virginia is west of Virginia and south of Pennsylvania. Also situated between Ohio and Kentucky, the “Mountain State” was entered into the union as the 35th state in 1863, following the seceding from Virginia during the Civil War. The capital of West Virginia is Charleston and is the largest city, but the Huntington region is the largest metro area. The state is ranked 41st in area and 38th in population with over 1.8 million residents. The nation classifies the location of the state belonging to the south, but because of it’s location it is often included in Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Upland South. It is also the only state that is in an area that is completely served by the Appalachian Regional Commission. Because of the state’s climate being very mountainous, it is often a place for cave and scientific research. If you are searching for scrap prices in the West Virginia area, the iScrap App can help you check the current prices for scrap. Scrap yards have the ability to post their scrap prices on their profile however if they choose not to, scrappers can report prices. With access to the iScrap App website 24/7 customers can post recent scrap prices they received on the iScrap App after they’ve found the yard they visited on the directory.

West Virginia Scrap Yards & Salvage Yards

Spencer, West Virginia View from Civil War ParkWest Virginia is a very mountainous region which contributes to the scrap metal industry with the mining and industries that have helped form the economy of the state. There is a lot of logging and coal mining throughout the state. Because of the energy resources there, those directly relate to the scrap metal recycling system to help smelters and processors to put the metals back into the economy. The scrap yards scattered around West Virginia can be found in and around Washington DC metro, Huntington, Charleston, and Fairmont. You can use the iScrap App to search for your zip code to locate the closest scrap yard or salvage yard in West Virginia. You can also use the map above to browse throughout the state yards listed. Once you have determined the best option for your metal, you can contact the yard and ask about current prices. You will also be able to request containers for large pick ups, auto parts for repairs, and scrap car pickups.

PREMIUM YARD Potomac Metals-Ranson

410 16th Ave
Ranson, West Virginia 25438

Phone: 304‑724‑1002

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Baisden’s Recycling & Sports

871 Mud Fork Rd
Verdunville, West Virginia 25649

Phone: (304) 752‑5187

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Bender’s Salvage

1429 Big Ugly Creek Rd
Chapmanville, West Virginia 25508

Phone: (304) 369‑3908

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Bates Recycling

1307 Meadowdale Road
Fairmont, West Virginia 26554

Phone: (304) 816‑3089

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Mullen’s Salvage & Supply

3 Green St
Mullens, West Virginia 25882

Phone: 304‑294‑4319


Ernie’s Recycling

4590 Williamsport Pike
Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401

Phone: 304‑274‑1133


Besaw Salvage & Auto Repairs

165 Besaw Hill Drive
Hegesville, West Virginia 25427

Phone: 304‑754‑8371


SOS Auto Truck Salvage

Route 310 S Rt 6
Fairmont, West Virginia 26554

Phone: 304‑363‑4794


Eaves Recycling

909 Camden Road
Huntington, West Virginia 25704

Phone: (304) 429‑2929 

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Metrec Of West Virginia

5095 W US Route 60
Ceredo, West Virginia 25507

Phone:   (304) 781‑0303

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H & P Recycling

Mudfork Rd
Logan, West Virginia 25601

Phone: (304) 752‑1101

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Northern Mountain State Metals

1823 Morgantown Avenue
Fairmont, West Virginia 26554

Phone:  (304) 367‑1303

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B & D Salvage

190 Miltenberger Rd
Ridgeley, West Virginia 26753

Phone: (304) 738‑3785

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C & K Salvage & Recycling

32 Emswiler Drive
Moorefield, West Virginia 26836

Phone: 304‑434‑2485

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Midway Scrap & Recycling

1054 Midway Road
Midway, West Virginia 25878

Phone: (304) 683‑3133

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Elkins Metal Recycling

1404 15th Street
Elkins, West Virginia 26241

Phone: 304‑636‑3456

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3 Rivers Iron & Metal

500 Virginia Avenue
Fairmont, West Virginia 26544

Phone: 304‑366‑8099

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Remac America

2282 Summit Point Rd.
Summit Point, West Virginia 25446

Phone: 800‑600‑9608

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Yards in West Virginia

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