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South Dakota

south dakota scrap metalsFacts & Information – South Dakota, USA

Located in the midwestern region of the United States, South Dakota is also known as “The Mount Rushmore State”. While it is ranked 17th in the nation in area, it is ranked 46th in both density and population with over 800K residents. The capital of South Dakota is Pierre, but the largest city and metro area is Sioux Falls. Entered into the union in 1889 as the 40th state, South Dakota is south of North Dakota, bordered by Minnesota and Iowa on the east, Wyoming and Montana on the west, and Nebraska to the south. The Missouri River cuts almost directly in the middle of the state from north to south. This divide has created very different regions on the east and west side of the rivers with much different social and geographical differences. The eastern portion of the state is known for the fertile soil for agriculture, whereas the western region of the state is mainly ranching and tourism. If you are searching for scrap prices in the South Dakota area, the iScrap App can help locate yards in the area. After you have located your yard on the directory, you can check the prices that yards are posting in the area. If yards are choosing not to post their prices, customers and users can report scrap prices they were paid for different materials. For metals like steel, copper, and aluminum it is helpful to keep track of where the scrap prices are going in the market.

South Dakota Scrap Yards & Salvage Yards

south dakota scrap yardsThe economy is South Dakota is very strong having very little percentage of unemployment and being a very popular state for businesses. Some of the larger industries in the state include health, retail, finance, and agriculture. There is also a large quantity of government spending in the state including Air Force Bases. The making and manufacturing of various products throughout the state is vital to the scrap metal recycling throughout the state. The scrap yards in South Dakota can be found in various cities like Rapid City, Aberdeen, Sioux Falls, and Mitchell. The salvage yards listed on the iScrap App in South Dakota can be found on the map above or by searching for your zip code in the directory. Once you have located the location you are looking for, you can contact them for further information like scrap prices, containers for larger jobs, request for auto parts, and scrap car pickups. If you have materials like copper, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, you can locate the South Dakota scrap yards in minutes.


R & N Recycling

3150 Whitewood Service Road
Sturgis, South Dakota 57785

Phone: 605‑347‑5785

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622 10th St SW
Madison, South Dakota 57042

Phone: 605‑256‑2482

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M & C Recycling

201 Highway 212
Kranzburg, South Dakota 57245

Phone: 605‑882‑5680

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Dakota Recycling & Transport

301 Industrial Dr
Volga, South Dakota 57071

Phone: 605‑627‑9147

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R & T Unit Can Company

1307 E 39th Street N
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104

Phone: 605‑332‑1222

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Yards in South Dakota

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