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Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $1.91/lb Updated 08/25/2019
Steel National Average $118.00/ton Updated 08/25/2019
Aluminum National Average $0.24/lb Updated 08/25/2019


Canadian Scrap Yards in OntarioFacts & Information – Ontario, CA

The province of Ontario is located in eastern Canada and has two distinct regions: Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. Southern Ontario is home to the province’s largest city of Toronto while its capital Ottawa sits in Northern Ontario. Ontario is a diverse population of minorities. Historically the land was ceded from the Aboriginal tribe in 1788 and through current day has a small population of Aboriginal and inuitpeople in the province as well as a mix of Europeans, Asians, Africans, Latin Americans and Caribbean’s that account for 26% of the population. Although the principal language of Ontario is English, about 11% of the population is French speaking.

Ontario Scrap Yards & Salvage Yards

Ontario Scrap Prices & Scrap YardsThe largest municipalities are Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton and London. Toronto is the center of Canada’s financial services and banking industry. Ottawa’s focus is in IT, where headquarters to RIM, the developers of the Blackberry smartphone is based. Whether you’re looking to scrap older computer electronics or other unwanted metals, you can find current pricing on the iScrap App. You’ll find Scrap Yards, and Auto Wreckers that offer container services and towing service in predominantly in the Northern region. Ontario’s contribution to car production and assembly at times surpassed Michigan’s. Ontario has Chrysler manufacturing plants in Windsor and Bramalea, two GM plants in Oshawa and one in Ingersoll as well as assembly plants for Honda, Ford and Toyota. Manufacturing is Ontario’s main industry. Recycling your cars, appliances and other metals will feed right back into the manufacturing process here. Ontario’s steel industry was once centered in Hamilton but was shut down in 2014. Northern Ontario main industry is notably in pulp and paper due to its vast forest and mines.


3000 Copeland
Cornwall, Ontario K6H 6P7

Phone: 613‑933‑1119

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Opens next Monday at 7:30 AM

PREMIUM YARD Trijan industries

1279 plank road
Sarnia, Ontario N7t7l7

Phone: 519‑337‑3779

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PREMIUM YARD Paul’s Car Removal

6215 Neatherhart Road
Mississauga, Ontario L5T1GT

Phone: 416‑822‑3253

PREMIUM YARD London Salvage & Trading Co Ltd

333 Egerton St
London, Ontario N5Z 2H3

Phone: 519 451 0680

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Opens next Monday at 7:30 AM

PREMIUM YARD Cash for Trash

7628 Flewellyn Rd
Stittsville, Ontario K2S 1B6

Phone: 613‑831‑2900

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Opens today at 9:00 AM

PREMIUM YARD Gerdau- Mississauga

3418 Mavis Road
Mississauga, Ontario L5C 1T8

Phone: 1‑905‑277‑4711

Opens next Monday at 7:30 AM

John Zubick Limited

105 Clarke Road
London, Ontario N5W 5C9

Phone: 519‑451‑5470

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ABC Metal Recycling

724 Robinson Rd
Peterborough, Ontario K9J6X2

Phone: (705) 875‑5547

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Taft Auto Wreckers

345 Raglan St
Brighton, Ontario K0K 1H0

Phone: 613‑475‑1334


ABC Demolition Recycling-Scrap

2 Bennett St
Pembroke, Ontario K8A 7Z8

Phone: (613) 735‑1932

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Bert & Son Scrap Metal

32 Guided Crt
Etobicoke, Ontario M9V 4K6

Phone: 416‑747‑8073

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Muldee Choice Scrap & Metal

7360 Bramalea Rd
Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1W9

Phone: 289‑438‑2814

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Doublewin Scrap Metal Corp

10 Gail Grove
North York, Ontario M9M 1M4

Phone: 416‑748‑8388

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Byer’s Salvage Company

78 Byer lane
Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0

Phone: 613‑478‑3147


Bray’s Auto & Metal Recycling

359 Tiffin ST
Barrie, Ontario L4N9W6

Phone: 705‑721‑1412

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Island Salvage & Wrecking

5783 Bidwell
Little Current, Ontario P0P1K0

Phone: (705) 368‑0200


Dundee Recycling

1092 Bridge Street
New Dundee, Ontario N0B2E0

Phone: 519‑696‑3275

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Ken’s Salvage

310 Allanburg Road
Thorold, Ontario L2V1A4

Phone: 905‑680‑2323

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Yards in Ontario

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