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Copper National Average $3.00/lb Updated 03/22/2023
Steel National Average $210.00/ton Updated 03/22/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.54/lb Updated 03/22/2023

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Scrap Yards & Salvage YardsFacts & Information – Nova Scotia, CA

Nova Scotia is a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the second smallest province in Canada. Halifax is the capital and largest metro area as well. Nova Scotia’s economy is supported by various industries: offshore oil and gas, aerospace, information technology and agriculture. Companies like RIM (Blackberry) and Lockheed Martin have branches in Nova Scotia. For technology alone, the industry depends on new raw materials to produce and manufacture new products. Metals like gold, platinum, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper are important to the technology industry. The scrap yards and junk yards throughout the province will be able to buy your metals for scrap to help put the metals back into the process of refining.

Nova Scotia Scrap Yards & Salvage Yards

Nova Scotia scrap metal prices and scrap yardsMichelin is the largest single manufacturing employer having three production plants there. Tourism also tops the list with more than 6,500 direct businesses Cruise ships pay regular visits to the province as well. Connecting with larger companies in Nova Scotia to obtain scrap metal and e waste would be a great opportunity. You’ll find both scrap metal recyclers and auto wreckers in Halifax, Dartmouth. Bridgewater, Westville, Kingston, Goodwood and Blanford.

PREMIUM YARD Covey’s Auto Recyclers

146 New Harbour Road
Blandford, Nova Scotia B0J1T0

Phone: 866‑337‑1384

Opens today at 8:00 AM

Christie’s Carman Garage Limited

113 Village Dale Road
Barrington, Nova Scotia 902-637-2411


Brown’s Auto Salvage

13 Brown Street
Kingston, Nova Scotia B0P1R0

Phone: 302‑765‑8313


Paul Hashem Scrap Yard Ltd

81 Brookland St
Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 6P2

Phone:  (902) 564‑6346

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2252 HIGHWAY 325
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia B4V 2W9

Phone: (902) 543‑2446

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John Ross & Sons Ltd.-Truro

7 Cummane St
Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 4P7

Phone: 902‑893‑9429

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John Ross & Sons Ltd.- Goodwood

21 Mills Rd
Goodwood, Nova Scotia B3T 1P3

Phone: 902‑479‑0344

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John Ross & Sons Ltd- Halifax

171 Chain Lake Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3S 1B3

Phone:  (902) 450‑5633

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Dartmouth Metals Ltd.

14 Dawn Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1H9

Phone: 902‑468‑1995

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3-D Auto Parts

2445 Foxbrook Rd
Westville, Nova Scotia B0K 2A0

Phone: (902) 396‑1603

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Bill Stewart’s Scrap Metal & Enviro Depot

2636 Westville Road
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia B2H 5E1

Phone: 902‑752‑8882

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Advanced Recycling Ltd

171 Chain Lake Dr
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3S 1B3

Phone: 902‑450‑5633

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Archie’s Sackville Bottle Exchange & Recycling

446 Sackville Dr,
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia B4C 2R8

Phone: 902‑865‑9010

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Harbour Metal Recycling

29 Pettipas Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1K1

Phone: 902‑468‑6787

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North Metals Construction Ltd

75 Pitt St
Breton, Nova Scotia B1V 1S4

Phone: 902‑736‑9666

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Nickerson Auto Salvage

John Munroe Road
Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2K8

Phone: 902‑863‑2886


Cape Breton Salvage and Parts

6189 Seaside Dr
Gardiner Mines, Nova Scotia B1H 5K4

Phone: 902‑577‑7600

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AIM Recycling Dartmouth

60 Simmonds Dr
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1P6

Phone: 902‑468‑9664

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Yards in Nova Scotia

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