Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.10/lb Updated 03/31/2023
Steel National Average $220.00/ton Updated 03/31/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.51/lb Updated 03/31/2023


Maine Scrap MetalFacts & Information – Maine, USA

Maine was voted into the United States in 1820 as the 23rd state. The capital is Augusta while the most populated city and metro area is Portland. Ranked 41st in the country in population with only 1.3 million residents, The Pine Tree State of Maine is located in the northeastern region of the continental United States. Maine is also known for the large forests, jagged rocky coasts, and rolling hills. Maine is also known for the lobsters and clams that comes out of its seafood filled shore. In 1820 Maine residents voted to secede from the commonwealth of Massachusetts and became it’s own state. Scrappers in Maine looking for scrap yards in the area can use the iScrap App to also check current scrap prices. The iScrap App allows users to find yards in the area and also check the prices listed by the yards. If some yards in the area choose not to list their prices on the iScrap App, scrappers have the ability to report scrap prices on the iScrap App. This is a helpful tool for users to keep track of what others are getting paid at the locations in the area around Portland and other busier areas in Maine. The iScrap App users can help users see what the prices for metals like copper, steel, and aluminum are.

Maine Scrap Yards & Salvage Yards

Maine Scrap YardsWith a variety with agriculture, Maine has its hand in a lot of industries like poultry, dairy, cattle, fruits, commercial fishing, and also a large supplier of spring water for bottle water. The larger industrial trends in Maine are lumber, electronic equipment, biotechnology, and leather products. Maine also has a history in shipbuilding for all of the wood ships in the 18th and 19th centuries. There are plenty of opportunities with the variety of industries for scrap metal recycling through the state. The Maine Scrap Yards will be able to help you get the right information you need to recycle your copper, steel, aluminum, and other metals with them. Use the iScrap App to search and located local Maine salvage yard and auto wreckers. You can see their current scrap prices, request containers for larger job sites, ask about scrap car pickups, and request auto parts for repairs. The local scrap yards can be found in some areas in Maine like, Portland, Lewiston, and Waterville.


Larson’s Auto Salvage

740 County Rd
Westbrook, Maine 04092

Phone: 207‑772‑5289


Cumberland Salvage

40 Blackstrap Road
Cumberland Center, Maine 04021

Phone: 207‑829‑5021


Clark’s Eastside

1181 Eastern Ave
Chelsea, Maine 04330

Phone: (207) 623‑1725

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Tim Jackson Salvage

252 Augusta Road
Washington, Maine 04574

Phone: 1 (207) 975‑2817

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E. Perry Iron & Metal Co., Inc.

115 Lancaster Street
Portland, Maine 04101

Phone: (207) 775‑3181

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Schnitzer-Portland (ME)

568 Riverside St
Portland, Maine 04105

Phone: 1‑800‑775‑8303

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522 Washington St
Auburn, Maine 04210

Phone: 1‑800‑775‑8303

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West Paris Metals

36 Maple Street
West Paris, Maine 04289

Phone: 207‑674‑2100

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Kennebec Metal Recycling

14 Brown St
Skowhegan, Maine 04976

Phone: (207) 474‑6988

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B & S Scrap Recycling

12 Broncos Dr
Hudson, Maine 04449

Phone: 207‑327‑1500

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Newport Metals

582 Outer Elm St
East Newport, Maine 04933

Phone: 207‑368‑4443

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Berwick Iron and Metal Recycling

106 Route 236
Berwick, Maine 03901

Phone: 207‑698‑9933

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Winslow, Maine 04901

Phone: (207) 877‑8985

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Grimmel Industries

50 River Road
Lewiston, Maine 04240

Phone: (207) 784‑6754

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AIM Recycling

25 Ayers Street
Oakland, Maine 04963

Phone: 207‑465‑2212

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AIM Recycling

2630 Broadway
Bangor, Maine 04401

Phone: 207‑947‑3710

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AIM Recycling

2244 Portland Road
Arundel, Maine 04046

Phone: 207‑985‑4892

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AIM Recycling

32 Willow Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

Phone: 207‑622‑2071

Yards in Maine

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