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Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.10/lb Updated 03/28/2023
Steel National Average $220.00/ton Updated 03/28/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.51/lb Updated 03/28/2023


arizona scrap metalsFacts & Information – Arizona, USA

In the southwestern portion of the United States, Arizona sits in between New Mexico, Nevada, and California. Arizona ranks 6th in the country for the area of land it covers and is ranked 15th with the population with 6.6 million. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix and the metro area around the city is the most populated area through the state too. The state of Arizona is very different in the south and north regions. The northern region is a forest filled area with harsh winters and the southern half is desert climate with hot summers. About a quarter of the state is made up of Indian Reservations and the state is known for the Grand Canyon, several national forests, parks, and monuments. The state of Arizona is constantly being heated up with temperatures and also hot with scrap metal recycling. Scrap Prices in Arizona are changing just as often as the temperatures are rising. It is important to keep track of the current scrap prices in the metro areas of Phoenix and Tucson. With the iScrap App residents of Arizona will have the opportunity to keep track of scrap prices in the area by searching for scrap yards. Scrap prices can also be reported through the iScrap App and allow recyclers to keep track of what the going rate for different metals are. Make sure to check out the yards in the Arizona region and keep updated on scrap prices.

Arizona Scrap Yards & Salvage Yards

arizona scrap yardsThe economy in Arizona is made up of a wide variety of industries but has a significant impact on healthcare, transportation, and the state government. Early in Arizona’s history, they relied on the 5 C’s for their economy, copper, cotton, cattle, citrus, and climate (tourism). Copper is still a large part of the industry there with mines throughout the whole state and accounting for about 2/3’s of the nation’s output. Pretty relevant that the state nickname is the Copper State. The larger metro areas throughout the state like Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff will have the best scrap yards to bring your copper too. Locate the junk yards and auto wreckers in Arizona today on the iScrap App. You can search with you zip code and get the current prices for scrap metal, request containers, parts, and car pickups.

PREMIUM YARD Davis Salvage & Metal Supply – Phoenix AZ

3322 E Washington St
Phoenix, Arizona 85034

Phone: 602‑267‑7208

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Closes today at 5:30 PM

PREMIUM YARD Davis Salvage & Metal Supply – Mesa AZ

1112 W. Birchwood Ave.
Mesa, Arizona 85210

Phone: (480) 423‑7255

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Closes today at 5:00 PM


3035 W. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85041

Phone: 602‑243‑3011

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Opens tomorrow at 7:30 AM

PREMIUM YARD E-Z Money Recycling LLC

1234 S 7th St
Phoenix, Arizona 85034

Phone: 602‑253‑4534

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Opens tomorrow at 8:00 AM

PREMIUM YARD Tin Man Recycling

3402 S 40th St
Phoenix, Arizona 85040

Phone: 6023895000

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Opens tomorrow at 7:00 AM

Yavapai Metal Recycling

2220 N. Concord Drive
Dewey, Arizona 86327

Phone: (928) 632‑5205

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I Buy Scrap – Tempe

1110 E Gilbert Dr
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Phone: (480) 280‑9000

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Prescott Valley Salvage

2751 N Industrial Way
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314

Phone: (928) 772‑7783


Verde Valley Auto & Truck Salvage

12355 Iron King Rd
Humboldt, Arizona 86329

Phone: (928) 634‑2700


Gardner & Sons Recycling

4740 Old Hwy 279
Camp Verde, Arizona 86322

Phone: 928) 634‑5176

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CFS Metals Recycling

3126 E President Street
Tucson, Arizona 85714

Phone: (520) 269‑6853

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Iron Man Recyclers

11710 Concord Road
Dewey, Arizona 86314

Phone: 928‑541‑9345

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Road Runner Recycling

400 E Cherry St
Cottonwood, Arizona 86326

Phone: (928) 634‑0644

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CMS Morrell Scrap Metal Recycling Park

422 South 33rd Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

Phone: 602‑258‑6500

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RZR Mechanical LLC

22380 N 20th ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Phone: 623‑869‑0021

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South Valley Recyclers

3663 W Lower Buckeye Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

Phone: (602) 272‑7796

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L Y Salvage

12980 E Kenilworth Rd
Coolidge, Arizona 85128

Phone: (520) 723‑4542

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Green World Recycling

435 S 59th Ave
Ste 110
Phoenix, Arizona 85043

Phone: (602) 845‑9918

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Yards in Arizona

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