Vancouver Scrap Yard, BC


Regional Recycling-Vancouver

960 Evans Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 2L2

Phone: 855 701 7171

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Davis Trading & Supply

1100 Grant Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 2J6

Phone: 604 255 3111

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North Star Metal Recycling

1170 Powell st
Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1J3

Phone: 604‑254‑2734

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Capital Salvage

1919 Triumph St
Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 1K6

Phone: 604‑253‑8481

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Campbell’s Scrap Car Pickup

Upr-2104 MacDonald St
Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 3Y4

Phone: 604‑731‑1915


Pacific Metals Recycling Int’l

8360 Ontario Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5X3E5

Phone: 604‑327‑1148

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Pan Pacific Recycling Inc

13900 Mitchell Road,
Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1M8

Phone: 604‑629‑0909

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ACA Metal Recycle Ltd

11580 Twigg Place
Richmond, British Columbia V6V2K7

Phone: 604‑323‑1813

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Allied Salvage Metals

11651 Twigg Place
Richmond, British Columbia V6V2K7

Phone: 604‑322‑6629

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Richmond Steel Recycling -Richmond

11760 Mitchell Road
Richmond,, British Columbia V6V 1V8

Phone: 604‑324‑4656

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Vancouver Scrap Yard, BC

Vancouver Scrap Yards

Vancouver Scrap Yards

Finding scrap yards in Vancouver just got a whole lot easier. Use the iScrap App to find Vancouver Scrap Yards and make money on your scrap metal today. With materials like copper, aluminum, brass, and wire you can get paid for recycling them with your local junk yards. If you are a homeowner, contractor, plumber, or electrician, scrapping your metals can be a great way to earn some extra money while doing good in helping the environment. The scrap metal yards in the areas, like, Hastings-Sunrise, Burnaby, New Westminister, and North Vancouver, are willing to help you with your scrap metal needs. You will be able to check the latest scrap prices with the yards in the area directly on the iScrap App. If a yard chooses not to display their prices you can see the National Price ranges or you can call the yard directly for their current price. Remember that scrap prices are often changing when it comes to the current market conditions so be sure to call ahead to get the latest price for your scrap. The junk yards in Vancouver can drop off scrap metal containers or pick up services for your scrap metal at construction sites or demolition jobs.

Check with the Vancouver junk yards in how they handle the material and when they will be able to pick it up. It will be easy and simple to have the local yards pick up your materials for scrap and recycle them for you. Depending on the material and the quantity you may be able to make more money by having the scrap metal picked up at your location, rather than dropping it off yourself. For those that have a smaller amount of scrap, you can deliver your material to the salvage yards in Vancouver.

In need of salvage car parts or recycler in Vancouver? You can get in contact with the auto recyclers in Vancouver for any salvage car parts. by sending them the part you need along with your year, make, and model you will be able to shop for a repair part for you car. You can save money and time by having your car fixed with salvage parts for your car. You can also request scrap car pick ups from the Vancouver auto recyclers through the iScrap App. You may need to provide ID and the title to the vehicle before scrapping your car with the local auto recyclers. For areas like Kitsllano, Arbutus Ridge, Kerrisdale, Shaughnessy, Marpole and Richmond, you will find a Vancouver recycling center or auto wrecker very easily.

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