Tuscaloosa Scrap Yards, AL

PREMIUM YARD Plyco Recycling

801 3rd St, SE
Fayette, Alabama 35555

Phone: 205‑932‑5182

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Opens today at 7:00 AM

PREMIUM YARD Rather Recycling, LLC

323 Finley Boulevard
Birmingham, Alabama 35204

Phone: 205‑224‑4044

Opens today at 7:30 AM


MOODY, Alabama 35094

Phone: 205‑640‑5500

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Liberty Recycling

2664 24th St.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401

Phone: 205‑345‑0094

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Tuscaloosa Iron & Metal Co

3100 Kauloosa Ave
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401

Phone: (205) 758‑6711

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Dave’s Scrap Metal

4812 Reichhold Rd.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404

Phone: 205‑553‑8294

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West Alabama Recycling

364 White Road
Gordo, Alabama 35466

Phone: 205‑826‑1484

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Exit 100 Metal Recycling

13051 Ridgewood Dr
McCalla, Alabama 35111

Phone: (205) 477‑9950

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Moore Coal Company, Inc

129 North 4th Street
Bessemer, Alabama 35020

Phone: (205) 424‑2705

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Matter Management

1400 Porter Road
Sylvan Springs, Alabama 35118

Phone: 205‑788‑1400 

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Tuscaloosa Scrap Yards, AL

Tuscaloosa Scrap Yards

Tuscaloosa Scrap Yards

Looking for Scrap Yards in Tuscaloosa, AL? You can quickly find Tuscaloosa Scrap Yards within minutes using the iScrap App by simply typing the zip code. The scrap yards and junk yards you see listed will have their prices listed along with the metals they accept within their listings. You don’t see prices? You can always give them a quick call and ask. Remember to always check for the best prices for your scrap metals even if that means driving a little extra. The Tuscaloosa Scrap Yards locations can easily be found in areas like Northport, Brookwood, and Vance.

If you are an electrician, plumber, homeowner, construction, or demolition worker in the Tuscaloosa area with large quantities of scrap metal and are looking to sell your scrap metal for money. Let the Tuscaloosa Scrap yards help you make your job a little less stressful by requesting scrap containers from the Alabama junk yards listed on the iScrap App. You will be able to use the iScrap App to schedule container drop offs and pick ups from Tuscaloosa Junk Yards. They will be able to help you get the right container sizes and equipment to your job site for copper, steel, iron, wire, and more.

Not sure about what type of material it is or what price you may get for a certain material? You can use the iScrap App to send What’s This pictures to local Tuscaloosa scrap yards for questions or price quotes on the materials you may have. Always remember to keep you magnet on hand when separating your metals for the scrap yard to help separate your non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and brass from your ferrous metals like steel and iron so you can get the most for your scrap metals. When it comes to finding Scrap Yards in the Tuscaloosa area, the iScrap App has all the resources you need.



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