Tulsa Scrap Yards, OK


Borg Compressed Steel Corp

1032 N. Lewis
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110

Phone: 918‑587‑2511

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Sims Metal – Tulsa

2300 N. Lewis Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110

Phone: 918‑592‑5050

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Gerdau Metallics Raw Materials- Sand Springs

1101 W. Morrow Road
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063

Phone: 918‑241‑7777

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Frailey’s Recycling

6750 N. Peoria Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74126

Phone: 918‑425‑4422

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Omnisource – Tulsa

1101 West Morrow Road
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063

Phone: 918‑728‑7122

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BAM Recycling

10210 E. 50th St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146

Phone: (918) 660‑7070

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Cate’s Recycling

8800 New Sapulpa Rd
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74131

Phone: (918) 227‑2865

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Hilltop Auto Salvage

8801 New Sapulpa Rd
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

Phone: 918‑446‑1110


CMC Recycling

1804 N. 166th East Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116

Phone: 918‑437‑5377

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Jackson Metal Recycling

9691 Alawhe Drive
Claremore, Oklahoma 74019

Phone: 918‑520‑9490

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Tulsa Scrap Yards, OK

Tulsa Scrap Yards

Tulsa Scrap Yards

The Tulsa Scrap Yards and surrounding scrap metal yards are ready for you deliver your scrap metal to recycle. As a homeowner, contractor, plumber, or electrician you can bring in your metals like copper, wire, steel, aluminum and more to the local recycling yards for cash. Not sure what kind of material you have? You can search our directory of scrap metals for more information and a description for each one of the items you are looking to recycle. If you have scrap metal from your home or local contracting work, you can search for the local scrap metal prices from the scrap yards in Tulsa within minutes on the iScrap App. If yards in your area choose to list their prices, you will be able to see them within minutes. If they don't you will be able to see the National Price averages and call up the local yards for the current price. Remember scrap metal prices are often changing according to the recent market conditions, so be sure to stay on top of them before bringing in your material. For locations in the area like, McKinley, Sand Springs, Turley, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Bixby, and Glenpool, the junk yards in Tulsa can help you unload your material at their facilities. if you haven't been to a local yard before, you may want to call ahead to get the information on bringing your material in and where to go within their facility.

If you are looking to buy auto parts or junk from the local Tulsa auto recyclers or salvage yards in Tulsa, you can request a part directly through the iScrap App. You will be able to save money and time by buying salvage parts for your car. By searching for the year, make, and model of your car, the local auto wreckers will be able to find the right part for your repair. Contact the Tulsa junk yards for your scrap metal pick ups and container drop offs for your larger quantities of scrap from construction jobs, demolition work, rip outs, and more. If you are looking to recycle you scrap metal in the areas like Sapulpa, Catoosa, Lefko Hill, Haskell, Coweta, Claremore, Collinsville, and Skiatook find the Tulsa recycling centers. Also don't forget you can have a car picked up for scrap by the local salvage yards and get paid for it. You may have to pay a towing fee and could be required to provide the title to the vehicle but you can always ask beforehand.

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