Tulsa Salvage Yards, OK


Borg Compressed Steel Corp

1032 N. Lewis
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110

Phone: 918‑587‑2511

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Sims Metal – Tulsa

2300 N. Lewis Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110

Phone: 918‑592‑5050

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Gerdau Metallics Raw Materials- Sand Springs

1101 W. Morrow Road
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063

Phone: 918‑241‑7777

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Frailey’s Recycling

6750 N. Peoria Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74126

Phone: 918‑425‑4422

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Omnisource – Tulsa

1101 West Morrow Road
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063

Phone: 918‑728‑7122

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BAM Recycling

10210 E. 50th St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146

Phone: (918) 660‑7070

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Cate’s Recycling

8800 New Sapulpa Rd
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74131

Phone: (918) 227‑2865

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Hilltop Auto Salvage

8801 New Sapulpa Rd
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

Phone: 918‑446‑1110


CMC Recycling

1804 N. 166th East Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116

Phone: 918‑437‑5377

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Jackson Metal Recycling

9691 Alawhe Drive
Claremore, Oklahoma 74019

Phone: 918‑520‑9490

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Tulsa Salvage Yards, OK

Tulsa Salvage Yards

 Tulsa Salvage Yards

You can easily save money on your car repair by contacting a Tulsa salvage yard listed on the iScrap App. Quickly locate and contact Tulsa, OK auto recyclers. Scrap yards in Tulsa listed on the iScrap Apps directory will be able to contact you as soon as possible with all of the information you need about the part you are looking for such as pricing and availability. You can quickly request a part for your vehicle repair right from the app. Auto part requests will save you money and time when you have a repair. When you contact a salvage yard in Tulsa you'll be able to complete your car repair in a timely and cheap manner.

Also when you use the iScrap App you can request a car pickup with an auto wrecker in Tulsa, OK. You may want to check with the auto recycler in Tulsa about what kind of paperwork you will need to scrap a vehicle. Most Tulsa auto wreckers will require a valid ID and the cars title. Be sure to contact multiple Tulsa salvage yards to know that you are getting the best prices on a scrap car or salvaged car parts. Sometimes different scrap yards in Tulsa will pay different prices on materials based on availability.

When you are looking for new ways to make more money from your scrap metals be sure to check out the iScrap App forums. There you can get in contact with other scrappers in the area and exchange your scrap tips and stories with others. Find the Tulsa salvage yards near you today with the iScrap App directory. Schedule a scrap car pick up or request a part for a car repair, what ever your needs the Tulsa salvage yards are here to help.

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