Tampa Scrap Yards, FL

PREMIUM YARD International Core Supply

3417 E Colombus Dr
Tampa, Florida 33605

Phone: 813‑247‑5811

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PREMIUM YARD Pasco Iron & Metal

21240 Lake Patience Road
Land O Lakes, Florida 34638

Phone: 813‑996‑9866

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Trademark Metals Recycling LLC

2801 E. 4th Ave
Tampa, Florida 33605

Phone: 813‑247‑3619

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OneSteel Recycling

3310 Port Sutton Road
Tampa, Florida 33619

Phone: 813‑247‑4151

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OU Metal Recycling

4407 Raleigh St
Tampa, Florida 33619

Phone: 407‑883‑0042

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Edge Metals Recycling

5120 36th Ave South
Tampa, Florida 33619

Phone: 813‑248‑6000

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One Steel Recycling

4943 Port Sutton Road
Tampa, Florida 33619

Phone: 813‑676‑0040

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CMC Recycling

1900 N 62nd St.
Tampa, Florida 33619

Phone: 813‑626‑1108

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R & L Metals

1913 N 62nd St
Tampa, Florida 33619

Phone: (813) 621‑3966

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Trademark Metals Recycling LLC

5220 Dover Street
Tampa, Florida 33619

Phone: 813‑677‑4471

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Tampa Scrap Yards, FL

Tampa Scrap Yards

The closest Tampa Scrap Yards may right be down the road and can help you make more money on your scrap metal today. Find the scrap prices for the local yards can be difficult, but not with the iScrap App. Our Preferred iScrap App Yard will have the ability to update their prices online if they choose. If not you can always call them directly for the latest scrap prices. Remember the scrap prices can change often during the day according to the market conditions, so it is best to stay updated with your local yard. You can locate the scrap yards in Tampa and also their current scrap metal prices listed on the iScrap App or by contacting them in areas like Citrus Park, Egypt Lake, Lake Magdalene, Del Rio, Old Seminole Heights, Temper Terrace, and Terrace Park. First time visiting the local yard? Be sure to give them a call and ask for any special instructions when bringing in your scrap for recycling. If you need a place to get rid of your scrap metal if you are a homeowner, contractor, plumber, electrician, or other the junk yards in Tampa can help you unload your materials at their facilities. If you have difference materials like copper, brass, steel, wire, and more be sure to separate it all before heading in.

If you are in need of a scrap metal container or pick up for your scrap in areas like Tampa Heights, Palma Ceia, Palmetto Beach, Davis Islands, Virginia Park, Beach Park, Town 'N' Country, or Westchase, you will be able to get in touch with the Tampa junk yards in those areas. For large loads of material like steel, iron, wire, aluminum, and copper it pays off to have the professionals do it for you. You can arrange the pick up and container services with the local yards and get you scrap recycled quickly and easily. For large jobs like construction, demolition, rip outs, and more, you can contact the Tampa salvage yards for container service. Make sure to arrange the right time and location with the yards, and you can continue to finish your project knowing the right scrappers are recycling the metal.

If you are looking for auto parts or to scrap your whole car the auto recyclers in Tampa listed on the iScrap App can help you out. Buying used auto parts from the local salvage yards can save you money and time with your repair. Search for the proper part and the yards will be able to get back to you with their answer if they have it in stock. Also if you are looking to scrap your car for the metal, be sure to contact the local auto recyclers and have them arrange a pick up with you. You can schedule a pick up through the iScrap App and the auto recyclers listed in the area. So use the iScrap App for all your scrap metal needs and to find the Tampa recycling centers in the area.

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