Surrey Scrap Yards, BC


Amix Recycling Group

11698 140 Street
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 2V4

Phone: 888‑400‑2649

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Scott Road Trading Ltd

12855 King George Hwy
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 2T1

Phone: 604‑580‑0771

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Felix Salvage & Exchange

12855 King George Blvd
Surrey, British Columbia V3T 2T1

Phone: 1 604‑580‑0771

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CMS Metals

12481 Old Yale Road
Surrey, British Columbia V3V 3X9

Phone: 604‑580‑1812

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Parsons Scrap Metal

1241 Old Yale Road
Surrey, British Columbia V3V 3X9

Phone: 604‑580‑1812

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Scotty & Son Metal Recycling

12235 Industrial Rd
Surrey, British Columbia V3V 3S1

Phone: 604‑313‑1887

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Joss Brothers Recycling

12195 Industrial Rd.
Surrey, British Columbia V3V 3S1

Phone: (604) 307‑4585

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Ever Recycling

SURREY, British Columbia V3V 3S1

Phone: 604‑582‑8588

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Schnitzer – Surrey

12195 Musqueam Dr
Surrey, British Columbia V3V3T2

Phone: 604‑580‑0251

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RYPAC Metal Recycling

11849 Tannery Road
Surrey, British Columbia V3V 3W8

Phone: 604‑580‑7471

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Surrey Scrap Yards, BC

Surrey Scrap Yards

Surrey Scrap Yards

The Surrey Scrap Yards are here to help you make more money on your scrap metal and give you the current scrap metal prices. Commodity prices and scrap metal industry is constantly changing according to the current market conditions, so be sure to stay up on the latest. With Surrey scrap yards listed on the iScrap App you can get a good idea of the current pattern of the market with the updated prices displayed. Locate Scrap yards in Surrey and the surrounding areas easily. Driving a little extra distance for the best scrap prices can be worth your time if you have a large load for metal recycling. You will be able to locate junk yards in Surrey and get directions to their facility to drop off your scrap metal to recycle.

If you are homeowner looking to sell old appliances for some extra change the junk yards can help you unload your material from your vehicle. You can also request a scrap metal pick up and drop off from Surrey junk yards on the iScrap App. For you larger loads of materials from construction, demolition, contracting work, and more, contact the scrap metal yards in Surrey. Getting a scrap container to your business or job site will help you keep the area clean and scrap metal free. Why risk having your employees get hurt with materials around. You can easily load up different sized materials with metal and get them hauled away from your site. You can find scrapping tips from other scrappers like you on the iScrap App forums. Find the scrap yards in Surrey listed on the iScrap App directory to get paid top price for scrap materials.

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