Sumiton Scrap Yards, AL

PREMIUM YARD Rather Recycling, LLC

323 Finley Boulevard
Birmingham, Alabama 35204

Phone: 205‑224‑4044

Closes today at 4:30 PM


MOODY, Alabama 35094

Phone: 205‑640‑5500

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PREMIUM YARD Plyco Recycling

801 3rd St, SE
Fayette, Alabama 35555

Phone: 205‑932‑5182

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Closes today at 5:00 PM

Sumiton Iron & Metal

370 Old Warrior Road
Sumiton, Alabama 35148

Phone: 205‑648‑8816

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Matter Management

1400 Porter Road
Sylvan Springs, Alabama 35118

Phone: 205‑788‑1400 

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Farley Recycling Center

507 20th Street West
Jasper, Alabama 35502

Phone: 205‑221‑1222

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J & B Metals

809 69 Hwy. S
Jasper, Alabama 35501

Phone: 205‑221‑3764

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Watkins Metals

1356 Adamsville Industrial Pkwy
Birmingham, Alabama 35224

Phone: (205) 795‑3088

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CMC Recycling

3431 27th Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35202

Phone: 205‑321‑1177

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Standard Iron & Metal Inc.

1933 Vanderbilt Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35234

Phone: 205‑328‑0538 

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Sumiton Scrap Yards, AL

Sumiton Scrap Yards

Scrap Yards in Sumiton

Finding the scrap yards in Sumiton and the other Alabama scrap yards across the state is now easy to get information on. You can locate the scrap metal yards and junk yards in Sumiton on the iScrap App along with current scrap metal prices. Be sure to check the current scrap metal prices often if you plan on bringing a large load to the yards. The prices of metals like copper, aluminum, and steel can often change according to the market so be sure to stay on top of the current prices. If a scrap yard doesnt list their metal prices online, be sure to give them a call and tell them what kind of scrap you have and get the right price.

If you are a homeowner looking to sell some scrap you can get in contact with the Sumiton scrap yards and locate their facility and contact information. If you have a larger amount of scrap metal for pick up from a job site like construction, demolition, or contracting you can request a scrap metal container service from the Sumiton junk yards. Using the scrap metal container services from the surrounding yards can save you a ton of hassle and time by allowing you to get the job right. The pickups for your metal recycling from a construction job can save you some time and allow you to get rid of the scrap quickly and efficiently. For larger loads of material be sure to ask for the right price of material from the scrap yard you are working with. Copper will usually be worth more than aluminum. You can find scrap tips and exchange stories with other scrappers in the area with the iScrap App forums. Get the best prices for scrap materials with the Scrap Yards in Sumiton.

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