Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.60/lb Updated 06/18/2024
Steel National Average $178.16/ton Updated 06/18/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.48/lb Updated 06/18/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 06/18/2024

San Antonio Scrap Yards, TX


Texas Auto Salvage

609 Somerset Rd San Antonio, Texas 78211

National Steel Compressing

726 El Paso San Antonio, Texas 78207

CMC Recycling

726 Probandt Street San Antonio, Texas 78204

Citywide Metal Recycling

724 Culebra Road San Antonio, Texas 78201

Recycle Kings

1015 Culebra Rd SAN ANTONIO, Texas 78232

Vance Recycling

611 Roland Ave San Antonio, Texas 78210

Monterrey Iron & Metal

2300 Frio City Road San Antonio, Texas 78226

ABC Recycling LLC

267 Old Highway 90 West San Antonio, Texas 78237

Danny’s Recycling and Precious Metals

819 Somerset Road San Antonio, Texas 78211

Danny’s Metal Recyclers

925 Somerset Road San Antonio, Texas 78211

San Antonio Scrap Yards

In today's world, money can be hard to come by. Both small businesses and individuals can benefit from scrapping and recycling metals at a San Antonio scrap yard. Our San Antonio Scrap Yards accept almost all forms of metals and pay market value for your scrap. Some scrap yards may not choose to display their scrap prices online, so be sure to check the national price averages on our site and also give your local yard a call for updated prices. Market value changes daily, which means that you will always get your money's worth at our scrap yards in San Antonio. Be aware that sometimes the best prices may be a bit further away from you and can be worth your time to get a few extra cents on the pound.

San Antonio scrap yards accept scrap in all quantities; we're equipped to receive large amounts of scrap from commercial clients, including extra construction materials, copper and more! If you need to schedule a scrap metal pick up at your job site, the scrap yards in the area will be pleased to help you get the job done. Of course, that doesn't mean that our scrap yard in San Antonio doesn't value customers who do not have commercial quantities; we understand times are tough and no amount is too small. If you are a homeowner, contractor, plumber, or electrician, you will be able to drive your scrap metal to the local yards for recycling too.

San Antonio recycling centers can also provide you with compensation options for your scrap materials. Our recycling partners take your scrap metals and recycle it so it can be put back to use. Don't throw your junk metal, wiring or other metals away. Some items will be worth more money than others, but you can always check the prices. Instead, bring them to a San Antonio recycling center today! Make money while doing your part to help the environment by reducing landfill waste. Repairing a car can be costly and take up your time. With scrap car parts you can contact get the repair done for less and take less time. If you need to find a special salvage car part, you can contact one of the many auto recyclers in San Antonio and request a part through the iScrap App. If you are looking to recycle your car for the scrap metal, the local salvage yards can help you there too. You will also be able to request a scrap car pick up for you busted vehicle from the San Antonio auto recyclers. Call or visit one of our iScrap App scrap metal yards or auto recyclers today for daily market prices.

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