Ozark Scrap Yards, MO

PREMIUM YARD McCoy Iron and Metal

321 N. Fort
Springfield, Missouri 65802

Phone: 417‑866‑3707

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Opens today at 8:00 AM

Rogersville Iron & Metal

347 Endeavor Dr.
Rogersville, Missouri 65742

Phone: 4177537300

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CMC Recycling

634 East Phelps
Springfield, Missouri 65806

Phone: 417‑862‑0548

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Buddy’s Auto Mall

5740 W. US Highway 60
Brookline Station, Missouri 65619

Phone: 417‑882‑4497


Springfield Iron & Metal

1323 West Locust Street
Springfield, Missouri 65803

Phone: (417) 869‑7373

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B & W Auto Salvage

1462 N Warren Ave
Springfield, Missouri 65802

Phone: 417‑865‑0324


All Parts Auto Salvage Inc

2600 N Benton Ave
Springfield, Missouri 65803

Phone: 417‑866‑3549


H & W Auto Salvage

3425 W Commercial St
Springfield, Missouri 65803

Phone: 417‑865‑5747


Taney Co Metal & Recycling

381 Central Avenue
Taneyville, Missouri 65759

Phone: 417‑546‑6700

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Tenenbaum Recycling Group (TRG) – Reed Spring

448 Emerson Rd.
Reeds Spring, Missouri 65737

Phone: 417‑272‑9100

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Ozark Scrap Yards, MO

Ozark Scrap Yards

Finding a place to bring your scrap metal to in Ozark, MO just got easier. With the iScrap App you can quickly locate Ozark Scrap Yards within minutes to start making money off your scrap metals. The scrap yards and junkyards listed have their prices listed along with the metals they accept within their listing. If they chose not to list their prices you can always give them a quick call and ask. Whether you are coming from Ozark, Spokane, Sparta, or even Lindin, MO, you want to make sure that you check with more than one yard to assure that you get the best prices for your scrap metal even if that means driving a few extra miles.

With the iScrap App you can also request scrap container drop offs and pickups for those larger hauls of scrap metals you may have at your home or job site. Most homeowners, contractors, plumbers, and electricians will often have copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and steel at their job sites that can greatly benefit from container drop offs to help ease the load. The iScrap App can help you find local Ozark Scrap Yards to drop off a container and pick up your scrap to help make your job easier.

When you are in need of new ways to make more money from your scrap metals, check out the iScrap App Forums. These forums will allow you to find other scrappers like you in the area and exchange scrap metal tips and stories with one another to learn new things to help you when scrapping in the future. If you have questions about your materials you can also send a picture to the local Ozark Junk Yards using the What’s This feature on the iScrap App for answers and possible price quotes on the materials you may have.

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