Overland Scrap Yards, MO


Overland Metals

8510 Lackland Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63114

Phone: 314‑428‑6050

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Scrap Solutions, LLC – North

1278 Sutter Ave
Wellston, Missouri 63133

Phone: 314‑725‑3311

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Scrap Solutions

1278 Sutter Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63133

Phone: 314‑725‑3311

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Wallach Iron & Metal

6670 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.
St. Louis, Missouri 63133

Phone: 314‑389‑1129

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Wellston Scrap & Metal

6540 Dr Martin Luther King Dr
St. Louis, Missouri 63112

Phone: (314) 269‑0263

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Brock Auto Parts & Recycling

1907 Kienlen Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63133

Phone: 3144775411

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MetalsCo Inc.

1828 Craig Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63146

Phone: 314‑997‑5200

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Vince Jacks Metal

6609 Manchester Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63139

Phone: 314‑645‑3871

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Ace Scrap Metal Processors

5900 Manchester Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63110

Phone: 314‑781‑6860

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Copart of Missouri Inc

13033 Taussig Ave
Bridgeton, Missouri 63044

Phone: 314‑291‑8400

Overland Scrap Yards, MO

Overland Scrap Yards

Looking for scrap prices? You have come to the right place. With the iScrap App you can locate Overland, MO Scrap Yards and see their prices listed for the metals that they accept. If the preferred yard chooses not to list its prices then you can always give them a quick phone call and ask or check out our site for the national scrap metal prices. You can also find the locations of scrap yards in the whole St. Louis County. Remember to check out the prices of a few yards for the best prices in your area so you know where to go to get the most for your scrap metals.

If you have a question about a certain metal, you can use the What’s This feature on the iScrap App by simply sending in a picture of the material. This will allow local Overland Scrap Yards to see your picture and help answer any questions or price quotes on the material you may have. Be sure when visiting a scrap yard that you keep your magnet handy to help you separate your metals for the scrap yard.

Overland Scrap Yards are where contractors, demolition workers, and even homeowners sell their scrap metal for money. For these large commercial jobs in the Overland, MO area, you can request containers from the Missouri Junkyards listed on the iScrap App. Make your job easier and request scrap containers for your largest jobs. Local Scrap Yards in Overland can deliver and drop off dumpsters for your job site.

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