Norfolk Scrap Yards, VA

PREMIUM YARD Middlesex Metals

2095 Old Virginia Street
Urbanna, Virginia 23175

Phone: 804‑758‑2916

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Closes today at 4:00 PM

PREMIUM YARD USA Iron and Metal – Coxendale

1800 Coxendale Rd
Chester, Virginia 23836

Phone: 8048009672

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Closes today at 5:30 PM

PREMIUM YARD Potomac Metals – Richmond

1501 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, Virginia 23224

Phone: 804‑280‑0300

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Closes today at 1:00 PM

PREMIUM YARD Richmond Recycling Co

2500 Decatur st
Richmond, Virginia 23224

Phone: 804‑230‑9221

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Closes today at 1:00 PM

PREMIUM YARD USA Iron and Metal – Deerhill

11800 Deerhill Rd
Midlothian , Virginia 23112

Phone: 8048009672

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Closes today at 2:00 PM

PREMIUM YARD CJ Iron & Metal of NC- Macon

345 Eaton Ferry Road
Macon, North Carolina 27551

Phone: 252‑586‑7463

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Opens next Monday at 8:00 AM

Gutterman Iron & Metal

706 May Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23504

Phone: 757‑627‑1095

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Empire Metal Recycling

1100 E Princess Anne Rd
Norfolk, Virginia 23504

Phone: (757) 533‑9178

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L Chenman Inc

619 West 24th Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23517

Phone: 757‑622‑6071

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A 1 Towing & Salvage

2445 Florida Ave
Norfolk, Virginia 23513

Phone: 757‑853‑7800

Norfolk Scrap Yards, VA

Norfolk Scrap Yards

Scrap Yards in Norfolk

The Scrap Yards in Norfolk are waiting for you to come by with your scrap metal to recycle with them. If you have never been to a scrap yard before it is really easy to prepare your material before going. Grab a magnet and separate your ferrous from non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals like steel and iron will stick to a magnet, whereas non-ferrous materials like copper, aluminum, and Brass will not. You can find the locations of the Norfolk junk yards on the iScrap App, as well as the scrap metal prices and other scrap metal yards in the area. Remember the closest scrap yard isn't always the best place, you may be able to get better prices at another location. Driving a few extra miles for prices that are better on materials like copper, wire, and Brass. For places like, Portmouth, Chesapeake, Larchmont/Edgewater, Western Branch North, Western Branch South, Deep Creek North, Deep Creek West, and Indian River the Norfolk scrap yards can help you recycle your metals from jobs like electrical, plumbing, contracting and more. Also be sure to check the prices before heading in, market prices can change many times throughout the day so the prices can be different from the last time you went to visit.

If you are in need of a scrap metal pick up for a large load of scrap from construction, demolition, or contracting, get in contact with the junk yards in Norfolk through the iScrap App to schedule a scrap metal pickup or container service. Having your large scrap loads of steel and iron picked up from a job site can save you time and money. You will be able to use the trucks and containers from the scrap yards and get the material moved from your location quickly and the right way. If you need salvage car parts for your vehicle repair you can contact the yards in the area as well. They will need you year, make, and model to begin searching for the right part for your repair. For auto parts or other salvage parts from the Norfolk auto recyclers, contact them from the iScrap App to get the information to their locations quickly.

Having your scrap car picked up for metal recycling can be beneficial to you and the environment. Around 90% of your car will be metal recycling and you can make a few hundred dollars in scrap on it. You can also schedule scrap and salvage car pickups from the salvage yards in Norfolk and other towns, Wards Corner, Hampton, Buckroe Beach, Wythe, Briarfield, Reed, and Greenbrier East. Start making more money on your scrap metal today and find the recycling centers in Norfolk and the surrounding areas.

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