Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.00/lb Updated 10/03/2023
Steel National Average $184.58/ton Updated 10/03/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.44/lb Updated 10/03/2023
Catalytic Converter Average $82.00/each Updated 10/03/2023

Nisku Scrap Yards, AL

Metalex Recycling Ltd

1902 4th Street Nisku, Alberta T9E 7T8

Eagle Tech Recycling Ltd.

3315 64 Ave NW Edmonton, T6P 1N7

Maple Leafs Metal

4510 - 68 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2P3

OneSteel Recycling

4510 - 68 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta AB T6B

ARC Metal Industries

7350 67st NW Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3J8

CAC Recycling Ltd.

2411 76th Ave Edmonton, Alberta T6P 1P6

General Recycling Industries

4120 84 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3H3

GenAlta Recycling

9301 34TH STREET Shewood Park, Alberta T8H 2T1

Hi Tech Recyclers

17838-106 A Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5S1V3

Penny Metal Recycling

11404 143 St NW Edmonton, Alberta T5M 1V6

Nisku Scrap Yards

Do you have a bunch of scrap metal you are looking to eliminate? If so, you need to check out the scrap yards in Nisku to see how you can profit. Getting the best scrap prices in Alberta can be easy by calling and contacting a few yards in the area. Be sure to stay updated with the scrap prices in your area, especially for metals like copper, aluminum, and steel, as they are often changing according to the market.

The Nisku scrap yards in Alberta are happy to take all of your scrap metal and turn it into cash in your pocket. By taking the time to separate your materials and get the right metals sorted you will be able to make more when recycling your scrap with the local yards. At a Nisku recycling center, market value of your scrap changes on a daily basis. Those who delay could end up losing out on money for their scrap metal. Regardless of whether you have excess material around your home or you just completed a large construction job for a customer, you can take your metals to the scrap yards in Nisku.

Check out the iScrap App metal forum and interact with other scrappers in Nisku. On the forum you can share scrap stories and scrap tips with other scrappers as well as learn new tricks to earn more from your scrap materials. You can always learn something new from other scrappers. The scrap industry is constantly changing, so checking in with the Nisku junk yards through the iScrap App will allow you to compare different scrap metal prices in the area. Some yards may be closer to you and can pay you better prices. Find your closest scrap yards in Nisku with the iScrap App today.


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