Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.47/lb Updated 07/18/2024
Steel National Average $176.65/ton Updated 07/18/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.49/lb Updated 07/18/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 07/18/2024

Minneapolis Scrap Yards, MN


Leder Brothers Company

3240 Snelling Ave S Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406


AMG Resources Corp – St. Paul

1303 Red Rock Road St. Paul, Minnesota 55119


CW Metals

9696 Fallon Ave Monticello, Minnesota 55362

Re-Alliance Iron & Metal

1508 N 2nd St. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

K&K Metal Recycling, LLC

1728 N 2nd St, Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

K & K Metal Recycling, LLC

1728 2nd Street N Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Northern Metal Recycling-Minneapolis

1803 North 2nd St Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Atomic Recycling

2301 N 2nd St. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Northern Metal Recycling- Minneapolis

2800 Pacific St. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Metro Metals Recycling

2576 Doswell Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota 55108

Minneapolis Scrap Yards

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or someone who works on large construction projects, the Minneapolis Scrap Yards are ready to help you eliminate all of your valuable scrap metal. Scrapping your metal with the local recycling centers can make you more money while doing good for the environment. Get in touch with the local junk yard to recycle your scrap metal and check with them for their current scrap prices. Remember that scrap prices can change quickly according to the current market conditions. While some yard may list the metal prices on the iScrap App, they can be different at the time when you arrive at the facility. Be sure to call the yard before heading in to get the current prices.
For those who have a bunch of scrap metal lying around their home or job sites, you can take all of the material to one of the Minneapolis recycling centers. If you have the ability to bring you material into the facilities in the area, you can make more money and avoid a trucking fee for scrap pick ups. At the Minneapolis scrap yards, you will be able to earn cash for taking the time to bring the material into their facilities. Before heading to the yards in the area of Minneapolis, check with them for special instructions in case there are different entrances or areas of the yards for you to go to. There are many scrap yards in Minneapolis that are ready to answer any questions you have about your scrap metals. If the yard is listed on the iScrap App they may have their scrap prices listed on the directory, if not you can always contact them by phone.

From old appliances to scrap from a tear out or remodeling project, you can take all of your metal into the scrap yards in Minneapolis. When it comes time for a demolition job or to clean your property or business, you might as well get some money for the material in the process. If you need a scrap metal pick up or container service to your job site for materials like steel and iron, give the scrap yards in the area a call or schedule a container request directory through the iScrap App.

Bringing scrap metal to scrap metal yards has become a huge industry. More and more people are taking their scrap materials and bringing it to a local center to help increase their income. You might as well cash in on the various pieces of scrap metal being disposed. You can also locate the closest auto recyclers in Minneapolis and contact them for your much needed replacement car parts. Getting spare parts through the iScrap App can help you save time and money on your vehicle repair. Request spare parts directly through the iScrap App. You can also scrap your whole car with the Minneapolis auto recyclers and request a scrap car pick up service. just be sure to ask the salvage yard if you need to provide them with special paperwork for the pick up like, license or title.
For a complete listing of Minneapolis recycling centers, please view our iScrap App partners.




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