Madison Scrap Yards, IL


Becker Iron & Metals

1310 Broadway
Venice, Illinois 62090

Phone: 618‑213‑4250

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Mighty River Recycling

116 State Street
Madison, Illinois 62060

Phone: 618‑876‑4566

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St. Louis Auto Shredding Inc.

1200 N First St.
National City, Illinois 62071

Phone: 618‑271‑7100

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PSC Metals – St. Louis

3620 North Hall Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63147

Phone: 314‑231‑6077

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101 Breman
St. Louis, Missouri 63147

Phone: 314‑231‑2274

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Grossman Iron & Steel

5 North Market St
St. Louis, Missouri 63102

Phone: 314‑231‑9423

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Totall Metal Recycling Inc.

2684 Missouri Ave.
Granite City, Illinois 62040

Phone: 866‑470‑5763

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St Louis Auto Shredding Inc

1200 North 1st Street
East St. Louis, Illinois 62071

Phone: 618‑271‑7100


Apex Recycling Services

1245 N 1st St.
Fairmont City, Illinois 62201

Phone: 618‑875‑9146

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PSC Metals- St. Louis

3144 N. Broadway
St. Louis, Missouri 63147

Phone: 314‑231‑1938

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Madison Scrap Yards, IL

Madison Scrap Yards

Madison Scrap Yards

Looking for scrap yards in Madison or the surrounding areas? You can quickly find Madison scrap yards within minutes on the iScrap App. By locating the closest scrap yards in Madison, you will be able to make more money on your scrap metal by driving less time or getting the best prices. If you are familiar with a few yards in the area, be sure to call them up and find the best scrap prices you can get for your materials like copper, aluminum, and steel. Madison junk yards are waiting to pay you top scrap metal prices for your material and turn it into cash for you. Make sure that you are receiving the most current scrap metal prices from the yards in the area. Also you may be able to receive higher scrap prices according to the quantity of material you have. If you have larger loads of copper and wire, be sure to ask for any special pricing.

If you are located in the northern areas like St. Louis, Granite City, Fairview Heights and St. Charles you can request to have a scrap metal container delivered to you for a pick up from an area scrap metal yard. Especially if you have a large quantity of scrap to be picked up, a scrap yard in Madison would be willing to deliver it to your construction site or demolition site. You can also bring your own scrap to a recycling center in Madison. Larger construction jobs don't have to be a bigger headache when you need to get rid of your scrap metal loads. Finding the yards in the unfamiliar areas can be easy with the iScrap App Locator and even simpler to request scrap containers to be delivered to your job site.

If you are looking for more ways to make money from your scrap materials be sure to check out the iScrap App metal forums. There, you can get in touch with other scrappers to exchange tips and stories. Locate the Madison, IL scrap yards today with the iScrap App.

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