Longview Scrap Yards, TX

PREMIUM YARD Jennings Scrap & Salvage Co.

2600 E Marshall Avenue
Longview, Texas 75601

Phone: 903‑753‑6472

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Longview Scrap & Metal

5013 Texas 281 Loop
Longview, Texas 75607

Phone: 903‑758‑6367

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Southwest Scrap and Salvage

151 Railroad Rd.
Longview, Texas 75604

Phone: (903) 759‑1301

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Recycling Metals of Texas

5899 East US Hwy 80
Longview, Texas 75605

Phone:  903‑212‑3440

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Texas Scrap & Salvage Inc

201 Ward Street
Marshall, Texas 75670

Phone: (903) 935‑7891

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Shoemaker Scrap & Recycling LLC

3038 CR 205 N
Henderson, Texas 75652

Phone: 903‑392‑8140

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Tyler Iron & Metal

1630 West Northwest Loop 323
Tyler, Texas 75712

Phone: 903‑592‑8144

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Daingerfield Iron & Metal

700 Nichols Street
Daingerfield, Texas 75638

Phone: (903) 645‑4070

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Dyco Metals Inc

8468 State Hwy 11 West
Leesburg, Texas 75451

Phone: 903‑856‑3000

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15252 County Road 1134
Tyler, Texas 75758

Phone: 903‑592‑6299

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Longview Scrap Yards, TX

Longview Scrap Yards

Looking for a Scrap Yard in Longview, TX? Well you are in luck! You can quickly locate Longview Scrap Yards within minutes by just typing your city name or zip code into the iScrap App today. Scrap Yards in Gregg and Harrison Counties are waiting to pay you top scrap metal prices for your materials. When looking for a Longview Scrap Yard always be sure to check out more than one yard to make sure you will be getting the top scrap prices around. If a preferred buyer in the Longview area does not have their scrap metal prices listed you can always check the national scrap prices on our site or contact the local Scrap Yard directly.

Junkyards are where electricians, construction works, demolition workers and even homeowners will sell their scrap materials for money. For those large commercial jobs in the Longview area you can use the iScrap App to request scrap containers to be dropped off to your site. The Longview Scrap Yards will be able to help you deliver the right size containers and equipment that is needed to your job site for materials such as copper, steel, iron, and wire. Let us help you make your job easier by requesting scrap containers for you largest jobs.

If you have scrap or junk that needs to find a home, look for the local Junkyards in Longview, TX and you can get rid of your material and get paid for it today. Bring your metals like aluminum, brass, steel, and copper in to the Longview Scrap Yards today. They will be able to provide you with the current scrap prices for you materials through their listing online or over the phone. If you have any questions about materials feel free to send a picture in to the local Longview Scrap Yards using the What’s This feature on the iScrap App for questions and pricing quotes. Whether you are coming from Longview itself or the surrounding towns of Clarksville City or White Oak, the iScrap App is here to help you with all your scrapping needs today.


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