Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.44/lb Updated 07/23/2024
Steel National Average $184.77/ton Updated 07/23/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.49/lb Updated 07/23/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 07/23/2024

Lincoln Scrap Yards, NE

Capital City Auto Recyclers

100 West P St. Lincoln, Nebraska 68582

Capital City Metal Recycling

2120 Cornhusker Hwy Lincoln, Nebraska 68521

A-Can Recycling

3255 S. 10th St Lincoln, Nebraska 68502

Four Brothers Auto Salvage

5440 N 70th St Lincoln , Nebraska 68522

Sadoff Iron & Metal Company-Lincoln

5510 NW 39th Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68524

Alter Metal Recycling- Lincoln

6100 N. 70th St Lincoln, Nebraska 68507

T-Rim Recycling

841 W 11th St Crete, Nebraska 68333

Fehlhafer’s Inc.

1015 Centennial Avenue Utica, Nebraska 68456

Beatrice Scrap Processing Co

301 Market St Beatrice, Nebraska 68310

Recycling Connections Inc.

2755 River Rd Dr #105 Waterloo, Nebraska 68069

Lincoln Scrap Yards

Looking to sell you scrap metal, find the latest scrap metal prices or buy used out parts? Use the iScrap App to find local Lincoln Scrap Yards for all your needs! Keeping up with the current metal prices can be very difficult but with the iScrap App you will be able to find some information that can be useful to you recycling you scrap. Some scrap yards listed will updated their prices daily online, if they choose not to they can add ranges, or you can refer to the national averages that are provided by the iScrap App. If you want a price for a specific scrap metal item, be sure to contact the scrap yard through phone or email to get the right price for your item. You can locate all of the scrap metal yards and junk yards in Lincoln and the surrounding areas like Clinton, Belmont, University Place, Meadowlane, Country Club, Colonial Hills, Edenton South, and South Salt Creek on the iScrap App. Take note of the prices for scrap at some of the surrounding locations, you could find a further distance to have better prices that can pay off for items like copper, aluminum, brass, and steel. For homeowners, electricians, plumbers, and contractors you can locate the scrap yards in Lincoln and go their facilities for scrap metal drop offs. If you haven't been to that location before, you may want to call ahead and ask them for their procedures and instructions when you arrive with your scrap materials.

You can also request scrap metal pickups from the Lincoln junk yards from your construction sites, demolition jobs, and contractors in the area like West Lincoln, Highlands, Waverly, Ashland, Wahoo, Sweard, and Crete. Getting the local companies to work with you on your scrap recycling from large jobs can be a money saver. If you have a quantity of material like steel and iron you are looking to scrap, you can arrange pick ups and drop offs at your job location. This will save you time from hauling it yourself and can help you get a better price for the materials you are scrapping.

If you are in need of salvage and auto parts, you request them from the auto wreckers in Lincoln through the iScrap App. For costly repairs, it pays to look for the right salvage part from the auto yards. You can enter your year, make, and model for the part you are looking for and the salvage yard can ensure to look for the right type of part to fix your car. For scrap car pick ups you can schedule a pick up at your location with the Lincoln salvage yards. Salvage companies in the area will be able to send a tow truck to your location and will be able to recycle your car for the metal contents at their facility. If you are able to drive the scrap vehicle to the facility yourself, you can save on the trucking fee. So start making money and find all the information on the recycling centers in Lincoln that you need.




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