Jennings Salvage Yards, MO


Branch Metal Processing Corp

620 St. Cyr Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63137

Phone: 314‑867‑7500

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Brock Auto Parts & Recycling

1907 Kienlen Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63133

Phone: 3144775411

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Wellston Scrap & Metal

6540 Dr Martin Luther King Dr
St. Louis, Missouri 63112

Phone: (314) 269‑0263

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Wallach Iron & Metal

6670 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.
St. Louis, Missouri 63133

Phone: 314‑389‑1129

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Scrap Solutions

1278 Sutter Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63133

Phone: 314‑725‑3311

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Scrap Solutions, LLC – North

1278 Sutter Ave
Wellston, Missouri 63133

Phone: 314‑725‑3311

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St. Louis Auto Shredding Inc.

1200 N First St.
National City, Illinois 62071

Phone: 618‑271‑7100

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St Louis Metal & Recycling

1800 N Vandeventer Ave,
St. Louis, Missouri 63113

Phone: (314) 533‑8100 

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101 Breman
St. Louis, Missouri 63147

Phone: 314‑231‑2274

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PSC Metals – St. Louis

3620 North Hall Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63147

Phone: 314‑231‑6077

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Jennings Salvage Yards, MO

Jennings Salvage Yards

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to fixing your car or removing that old junk car from your property? With the iScrap App you are able to quickly find and locate Jennings Salvage Yards within minutes. Jennings Salvage Yards are where you can scrap cars and other vehicle for parts and scrap metal. Missouri Salvage Yards usually have lots full of cars for parts and recycling making it easier for you to repair your vehicles cheaper.

When you are in need of a part for your car to help save you time and money on those costly car repairs, just use the iScrap App to request a part through the local Jennings, MO Auto Recyclers. After locating a local Jennings Salvage Yard just submit your year, make, and model of the car you are in need of a part for and the local yards will be able to get back to you with the information you will need such as pricing and availability of the part.

Tired of that old junk car that just clutters up your property? You are in luck! With the iScrap App you can schedule scrap car pickups for the Jennings, MO area. Always be sure to check out all the yards in the St. Louis County area to assure you will be getting the best price for your scrap vehicle. Most Missouri Salvage Yards will require that you show a valid ID and the title of the car before it is able to be sold for scrap so always be sure to have the proper paperwork handy when going to scrap a vehicle.

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