Indianapolis Scrap Yards, IN

PREMIUM YARD Integrity Metals

835 E Industrial Dr
Morristown, Indiana 46161

Phone: 765‑763‑8000

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Opens next Monday at 7:30 AM

PREMIUM YARD Schneider’s Scrap Metal

631 W Eckert St
P O Box 141
Osgood, Indiana 47037

Phone: 812‑689‑4549

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Opens next Monday at 8:00 AM

OmniSource Corporation- Indianapolis West Street

2115 South West Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

Phone: 317‑381‑5800

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White River Recycling & Transfer Facility

200 S Harding St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46222

Phone: (317) 636‑2024

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Circle City Metal Recycling

1428 W Henry St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46221

Phone: (317) 632‑4320 

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Westside Auto Salvage

639 South Harding Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46221

Phone: 317‑638‑7000

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OmniSource Corporation- Indianapolis Northside

1212 East 25th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

Phone: 317‑937‑2727

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Recycle Pros Indy

2235 Montcalm Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

Phone: 463‑221‑1678

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Trinity Metals

6400 English Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

Phone: (317) 358‑8265

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J. Solotken,& Co Inc

6701 English Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

Phone: 317‑638‑5566

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Indianapolis Scrap Yards, IN

Indianapolis Scrap Yards

Indianapolis Scrap Yards

Whether youre a contractor, business or resident with extra scrap metal, Indianapolis Scrap Yards are the ideal way to get cash for your scrap metal. Searching your home for things you don't need, can help you find some items that are recyclable with the scrap yards. Be sure to keep a magnet on hand to check for non-ferrous metals (will not stick). These metals like copper, aluminum, and brass will be worth more money at the yards. Scrap metal can be valuable. Indianapolis scrap yards are able to take your scrap in exchange for payment. It is not difficult to find scrap yards in Indianapolis that will pay you for your scrap metal. The value primarily depends on the quantity as well as the type of metal. For example, copper is usually more valuable than steel. Just like the regular market, the scrap metal market has the pattern of changing on a daily basis so checking with the latest scrap prices will be your best bet.

Larger construction jobs, tear outs, removals, and equipment recycling are some of the common sources for potentially valuable metal scrap. Be sure to maximize your profit from your jobs and scrap your metal. Hauling a large amount of metal for scrap recycling can take extra time and hassle. With the local yards you will be able to schedule the container drop offs to work with you own working schedule and make sure that the metal pick ups work as flawlessly as possible. Many of the recycling centers and Indianapolis scrap yards offer a pick-up service for demolition contractors, industrial plants, electrical contractors, auto-wrecking yards, stamping operations and anyone who generates scrap metals in volume. Those you may produce a large amount of scrap metal for recycling you may want to check with the local yards to see if they have special prices for quantity loads.

When taking your scrap in any of the listed scrap yards in Indianapolis, attempt to separate the different types of metals. After your scrap metal is weighed you will receive payment right away. Remember that market prices can fluctuate on a day to day basis. The replacement parts for your car are a phone call away from the auto wreckers in Indianapolis that you can find on the iScrap App. Finding the right salvage part to repair your car will allow you to save money based on your year, make, and model. The auto yards can help you search their inventory for the right part to make sure your car is fixed properly. You can also locate the Indianapolis auto wreckers within minutes on the iScrap App and get help scrapping your car. The local yards should be able to stop by and pick up your car for scrap at your location or you can bring the car to their facility. If you have the ability to bring the car yourself, you will be able to make a little more money on the metal prices by not having to pay a pick up fee. Contact our iScrap App scrap metal and auto wrecking yards today and start profiting from your scrap.

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