Huntsville Scrap Yards, AL


MOODY, Alabama 35094

Phone: 205‑640‑5500

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PREMIUM YARD Rather Recycling, LLC

323 Finley Boulevard
Birmingham, Alabama 35204

Phone: 205‑224‑4044

Closes today at 4:30 PM

SA Recycling – Huntsville, AL

606 Triana Blvd
Huntsville, Alabama 35805

Phone: 256‑539‑0770

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Jordan Lane Auto & Truck Salvage

108 Skylaw Dr. NW
Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Phone: 256‑859‑0476

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Green Metals Inc- Alabama

108 Skylab Dr. NW
Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Phone: 256‑656‑9349

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AR Recycling llc

721 NE Fields Road
Lacy Springs, Alabama 35754

Phone: 256‑261‑8192

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Hill’s Auto Parts & Scrap Metal

15 Dry Creek Cove Road
Laceys Spring, Alabama 35754

Phone: 256‑881‑2535

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West Converters & Scrap Metal

8746 Hwy 36 East
Lacey Springs, Alabama 35754

Phone: (256) 883‑0764

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B&B Recycling /CDM Scrap Metals

988 Telephone Tower Rd.
Lacey Springs, Alabama 35754

Phone: 256‑498‑0334

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Adams Catalytic Converters Inc

6581 E. Upper River Rd.
Somerville, Alabama 35670

Phone: 256‑778‑7415

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Huntsville Scrap Yards, AL

Huntsville Scrap Yards

Huntsville Scrap Yards

The iScrap App is the perfect tool for you to use to locate Huntsville Scrap Yards and the other area scrap metal yards in areas like, Hartselle, Guntersville, Arab, Cullman, Albertville, and Scottsboro. If you have scrap metal you are looking to get rid of the iScrap App can help you find the closest scrap yards and their contact information too. Along with the regular contact information you can get from the online directory for scrap yards, you will also be able to see the current scrap metal prices from the locations listed on the iScrap App. If the metal prices are not displayed by the company, you will be able to see national averages displayed to give you an idea of what to expect. The metal prices are often changing according to the markets so be sure to contact the yard by phone or email before holding them to the prices displayed.

The junk yards in Huntsville can also accept larger loads of materials like from construction jobs, demolition sites, and more from all the surrounding towns; Madison, Decatur, Tanner, Athens, Moores Mill, Toney, Hazel Green, and Harvest. Even at locations further outside Huntsville, you can contact the scrap yards in the area and ask them how far they are willing to travel for material. Most of the time if the job is the right one they will work out some type of arrangement to pick up your scrap metal for recycling. For scrap metal pick ups and container, contact the Huntsville junk yards for let them know what kind of scrap metal you have. If you have a larger amount of scrap from your job site like materials like copper, steel, and wire you may be able to get a better price for your metal. For smaller loads from contractors, plumbers, electricians, and more, you can locate the salvage yards in Huntsville for the latest prices for the materials you have. Metal recycling prices can change often especially for materials like copper, steel, aluminum, wire, and Brass. Be sure to call ahead and arrange the pricing with the companies you are working with.

Finding the right replacement part for a car from auto wreckers in Huntsville is very easy through the iScrap App. By looking for the right salvage parts for your car repair can save not only time but also a lot of money by finding the right used part for the repair. You can make sure you are getting the right year, make, and model from the yards in the area when you are filling out the auto part request form. Also the Huntsville auto wreckers will be able to help you completely scrap your old car for cash too. By recycling your car with the local auto yards, you will be able to make some good money from the metal from the car. If you can bring your vehicle to the yard you will make more money or you can request to get a pick up from the companies in the area. Start finding the best recycling centers in Huntsville and the surrounding areas and start making more money on your scrap metal.

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