Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.52/lb Updated 05/22/2024
Steel National Average $187.67/ton Updated 05/22/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.46/lb Updated 05/22/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 05/22/2024

Gladstone Scrap Yards, MO


Rivers Edge Scrap Management

836 S. 26th Street Kansas City, Kansas 66106


Langley Recycling Inc.

3557 Stadium Dr Kansas City, Missouri 64129


Cameron Recycling Center

8691 s.e hwy 69 cameron, Missouri 64429


Impact Metal Recycling

1645 NW 550th Rd Kingsville, Missouri 64061

North Kansas City Iron and Metal

1222 Iron Street North Kansas City, Missouri 64116

American Compressed Steel Inc

515 Liberty Street Kansas City, Missouri 64105

Asner Iron & Metal Company

34 N James Street Kansas City, Kansas 66118

12th Street Recycling Inc

4300 E. 12th Street Kansas City, Missouri 64127

Midwest Scrap Management

8116 Wilson Rd. Kansas City, Missouri 64125

KC Iron & Metal

1411 East 19th Street Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Looking for scrap prices? You have come to the right place! The Gladstone Scrap Yards and Junkyards listed in the iScrap App have their prices listed along with the metals they accept. If they choose not to list their prices you can always give them a quick call and ask. With the iScrap App you will be able to locate all of the scrap metal yards in Gladstone, MO and visit their facilities for recycling your scrap metals. Remember when planning to go to the scrap yard, that the closest yard may not be the best prices in the area, so you may want to drive the extra miles to make sure you get the best prices for your scrap materials. The Gladstone, MO Scrap Yards can easily be found in areas like Kansas City, Liberty, and Lawson.

For larger loads of material from construction, electrician, demolition work, or homeowners, the Gladstone Scrap Yards are able to help you with scrap metal pickups. There are plenty of companies in Clay County that will be able to help you with your scrap metal needs and containers. You can schedule scrap container drop offs and pickups from the Junkyards in Gladstone, MO to help you clear out your loads of steel, iron, and copper.

The Junkyards in the area that can be found offer a variety of services for your scrap recycling needs, so be sure to check out the yards in the area for the best prices before handing your metal around. If you are unsure of a metal you may have, be sure to check out the What’s This feature on the iScrap App to send pictures of the metal to the local Gladstone Junk Yards for questions and price quotes on the material.

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