Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.03/lb Updated 12/06/2023
Steel National Average $217.12/ton Updated 12/06/2023
Aluminum National Average $0.43/lb Updated 12/06/2023
Catalytic Converter Average $81.00/each Updated 12/06/2023

Edmonton Scrap Yards, AB

General Recycling Industries

4120 84 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3H3

CAC Recycling Ltd.

2411 76th Ave Edmonton, Alberta T6P 1P6

ARC Metal Industries

7350 67st NW Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3J8

OneSteel Recycling

4510 - 68 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta AB T6B

Maple Leafs Metal

4510 - 68 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2P3

Eagle Tech Recycling Ltd.

3315 64 Ave NW Edmonton, T6P 1N7

GenAlta Recycling

9301 34TH STREET Shewood Park, Alberta T8H 2T1

V&B Recycling

179515 87 St NW Edmonton, Alberta 75Z 0B9

Bucks Auto Parts Edmonton

53322 Range Rd 231 Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 4V2

Penny Metal Recycling

11404 143 St NW Edmonton, Alberta T5M 1V6

Edmonton Scrap Yards

You can locate all the Edmonton Scrap Yards and the surrounding scrap metal yards within minutes on the iScrap App. Local yards, will be able to help you find the current metal prices and give you a good idea of what your scrap can be worth. If the yards listed in your area do not list their prices, you will be able to give them a call and ask for the current scrap metal prices. The junk yards in Edmonton can handle all your scrap metal needs and more. Building working relationship with the local metal buyers will be your best option if you plan on continuing to bring your materials to their locations.

If you have a large quantity of material from construction, demolition, contractor, and other work you can located the scrap yards in Edmonton and request scrap metal pick ups. Working on larger jobs can be a challenge, but the metal recycling portion doesn't have to be. With the local yards willing to help you with scrap metal containers and pick up service, you can have your metals cleared from your job site within days. From areas like Sherwood Park, Togield, St. Albert, Morinville, Gibbons, Rewater and For Saskatchewan, the Edmonton junk yards can handle all your metals. For homeowners, contractors, plumbers, and electricians, who are able to drop off their scrap metal recycling at the facilities in the area it will save you the cost of trucking fees. If you have a smaller quantity the salvage yards in Edmonton can handle your drop off loads and pay you on site. Be sure to contact the local yards and ask them about their metal recycling procedures when you go to their yards.

For special parts for your car locate the auto wreckers in Edmonton and contact them for prices. Buying salvage car parts from local auto yards can save you a ton of money in repair costs. If you need to scrap your car the Edmonton auto wreckers will be able to help you scrap your car for cash. Scrapping your whole car can be easy with the local yards and their pick up services, including towing. So start finding the Edmonton recycling centers and auto wreckers in Spruce Grove, Devon, Calmar, Leduc, and Beaumont today on the iScrap App.

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