Cahokia Scrap Yards, IL


BCS Recycling

3120 Mississippi ave
Cahokia, Illinois 62206

Phone: 314 792 2076

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Southern Metal Processing

6400 South Broadway
St. Louis, Missouri 63111

Phone: 314‑481‑2800

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PSC Metals – St. Louis (River Terminal)

300 E. Nagel
St. Louis, Missouri 63111

Phone: 314‑638‑1122

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Top Metal Buyers Inc

808 Walnut Ave
East St. Louis, Illinois 62201

Phone: 314‑421‑2721

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Arch Metals

218 E Courtois St.
St. Louis, Missouri 63111

Phone: 314‑544‑4744

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St Louis Auto Shredding Inc

1200 North 1st Street
East St. Louis, Illinois 62071

Phone: 618‑271‑7100


Apex Recycling Services

1245 N 1st St.
Fairmont City, Illinois 62201

Phone: 618‑875‑9146

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Republic Services Southside Recycling – St Louis

4076 Bayless Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri 63125

Phone: 314‑631‑3400

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Grossman Iron & Steel

5 North Market St
St. Louis, Missouri 63102

Phone: 314‑231‑9423

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Liberty Auto Salvage

3628 Cass Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63113

Phone: 314‑531‑4141

Cahokia Scrap Yards, IL

Cahokia Scrap Yards

Cahokia Scrap Yards

If you are looking for scrap yards in Cahokia you can locate them with the iScrap App. By using the iScrap App you will be able to locate scrap metal prices as well as contact information for the scrap yards near you. By seeing the scrap prices on your phone you will be able to compare prices between different yards in surrounding areas such as St. Louis, Mt. Pleasant, Washington Park and Fairview Heights so that you know you are getting the best prices. If the scrap yard you would like to go to does not have their prices listed you can give them a call to find accurate prices. You can also see the national average prices for materials so you have a general idea of what your scrap may be worth. Be sure to ask the local scrap yards in Cahokia to see what you will  need to get rid of your scrap metal. Most junk yards in Cahokia will require a valid ID to provide payment.

If you are a contractor, plumber or electrician or even a home owner with a lot of scrap you can check out the iScrap App to schedule a scrap metal container drop off. You can also call the scrap yards to get a faster response and time. With a container at your job site you will be able to properly get rid of your scrap metal much quicker. Be sure to separate you scrap Brass, copper and wires from other materials like steel and iron as these are worth much less.

When you are looking to make more money from your scrap materials be sure to check out the iScrap App metal forums. On the forums pages you will be able to get in touch with other scrappers in the area to exchange scrapping tips and stories with each other. Locate the Cahokia scrap yards today to start making money from your scrap metal.

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