Amarillo Scrap Yards, TX


Scrap Processing

95 Browning St
Amarillo, Texas 79104

Phone: (806) 372‑5678

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Amarillo Metals

415 N Grand St
Amarillo, Texas 79107

Phone: (806) 383‑3219

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W Silver Recycling – Amarillo

3320 E. Amarillo Blvd.
Amarillo, Texas 79107

Phone: 806‑418‑4791

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Amarillo Recycling

3518 E Amarillo Blvd
Amarillo, Texas 79107

Phone: (806) 383‑4644

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Amarillo Salvage

4310 E Amarillo Blvd
Amarillo, Texas 79108

Phone: 806‑373‑0002


Texas Pipe & Metal Co

630 W Brown Street
Borger, Texas 79007

Phone: (806) 669‑2181

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Hereford Recycling

115 Funston Street
Hereford, Texas 79045

Phone: 806‑364‑0557

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Dumas Iron and Metals

803 N. Dumas Ave
Dumas, Texas 79029

Phone: 806‑674‑2448

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Tulia Trading Post

US Highway 87
Tulia, Texas 79088

Phone: (806) 995‑3443

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Daffern Steel & Recycling

201 South Date Street
Plainview, Texas 79072

Phone: 806‑293‑2609

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Amarillo Scrap Yards, TX

Amarillo Scrap Yards

Amarillo Scrap Yards

The Amarillo Scrap Yards in the area ready to help you make money on your scrap metal. The scrap metal yards and auto wreckers in the surrounding areas like Canyon, Borger, Pampa, Childress and Hereford can help you get the current scrap metal prices. The metal prices are often changing according to the current market. If you have a larger load of material check with the metal recycling yards for the current scrap prices they are paying. Also be sure to ask them for any specific directions you need to know when going to their facility if you haven't brought your scrap metal there before. The junk yards in Amarillo can be located on the iScrap App, while also getting contact information, scrap prices, and more.

If you are a homeowner or small business owner with scrap metal you want to get rid of you can locate the scrap yards in Amarillo to bring your materials to. Traveling a little extra to scrap your metal with a yard in the Amarillo area can pay off if they are paying better prices than someone a little closer. So be sure to weigh your pricing and quantity options according to the material you have for scrap recycling. You can request a container through the iScrap App for large amounts of materials. When you submit a container request the scrap yards in Amarillo will be able to contact you to set up a day and time for drop off.

When you are looking for new ways to make money from your scrap materials, check out the iScrap App forums. On the forums pages you can connect and interact with other scrappers and exchange scrapping tips and stories. Find Amarillo scrap yards near you today with the iScrap App.

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