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When you are gathering your scrap metals and materials to recycle with your scrap yard in Virginia, be sure to know the laws. The scrap metal laws in Virginia can be much different than other states and you may not even think they exist. The iScrap App Team has gather some of the common scrap laws to know about when recycling your metals. We have outlined them before for reference for scrappers bringing their materials in. These are guidelines on what to prepare and expect when scrapping. For further details on the laws in Virginia, be sure to check out link below that has gathered information from public resources.

Summary of Virginia Scrap Laws:

  • Vehicle Information: Scrap yards in Virginia are required to take and record the vehicle information including the license plate number from anyone selling metals.
  • Material Restrictions: Certain materials like HVAC and building materials can only be purchased from authorized sellers and businesses.
  • Records: Virginia scrap yards have to keep records of all transactions along with material description.
  • Get Further Details From Virginia Organizations on Scrap Laws
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