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Scrap Metal Laws In


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When you are preparing your metal for your scrap yard in Texas, it’s important to know what regulations and scrap metal laws are in place. The scrap metal laws in Texas are in place so that yards and customers are protected for any misunderstandings. Scrap metal theft is a serious problem in the scrap industry and laws are in place so that yards can work with authorities affectively. The iScrap App Team has put together some of the basic information for scrappers to know when bringing their metal to the yard. There is more detailed information below that we collected that are taken from public resources.

Summary of Texas Scrap Laws:

  • Vehicle Information: Texas scrap yards must keep a record of the seller’s vehicle including photos and license plate number.
  • ID Information: Scrap yards are required to take a copy of the seller’s driver’s license when selling scrap in Texas.
  • Fingerprints: Texas is also one of the states that required fingerprints of scrappers.
  • Records: Scrap yards are required to keep a record of transactions for 3 years. Texas yards must also report all transactions within 2 days to the state.
  • Photos & Videos: Texas yards are required to have a photo of the seller and also video surveillance.
  • Cash Transaction Cards: Metal Recycling Entities are required to issue a cash transaction card to any seller of regulated material being paid by cash or debit card. Cash transaction cards are non-transferable. MREs are required to keep copies of each application and copy of each cash transaction card for two years.
  • Get Further Details From Texas Organizations on Scrap Laws
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