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Scrap Metal Laws In


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When you are preparing your scrap metal for the scrap yard, it’s also important to know what regulations and scrap laws in place in Oregon. Knowing what to expect when you visit your scrap yard is always good to be prepared. When you are recycling your metals with the local yards the laws directly affect you as a customer. The iScrap App Team has provided some of the common and important information for for scrappers for scrap metal laws in Oregon below. You can also see some further details from public resources below.

Summary of Oregon Scrap Laws:

  • Videos: The Oregon scrap yards must keep a video of the purchases made at the scales and keep the videos for at least 30 days.
  • Payment Restrictions: Yards must pay all transactions by check but cannot send the payment out any earlier than 3 days after the material was purchased.
  • Vehicle Information: Yards keep a record and description, including license plate for record.
  • Photos: Yards will be taking photos of not only of the material being bought but also the seller too.
  • Get Further Details From Oregon Organizations on Scrap Laws
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