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Scrap Metal Laws In

North Carolina

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When searching for scrap yards in North Carolina, it’s also important to know the laws and regulations to expect when recycling your metal. Scrap metal laws in North Carolina can be completely different from the surrounding states, so it’s important to know especially if you are bringing metal across the state line to scrap. The iScrap App Team has put together some of the basics to expect when bringing in your metal for recycling. Below are standard laws and rules that scrap yards have to abide by in North Carolina. There are further details below from public resources on different regulations in place.

Summary of North Carolina Scrap Laws:

  • Records: Scrap yards must maintain a record of all transactions from sellers.
  • Driver’s License: North Carolina scrap yards will keep a copy of a seller’s driver’s license when selling scrap meta.
  • Payment Restrictions: Scrap yards in North Carolina are restricted to pay out by non-transferable checks or money orders that are addressed to the scrapper’s home address.
  • Catalytic Converters: It is illegal for scrap yards in North Carolina to buy catalytic converters if they are removed from the car or vehicle they are from.
  • Get Further Details From North Carolina Organizations on Scrap Laws
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