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Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 07/13/2024

Scrap Metal Laws In


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When you are preparing your scrap metal for your yard, it is a good idea to know what the local scrap laws are. The iScrap App team wants to keep you knowledgable about the current scrap metal laws in Kansas so you know what to expect. You should be aware of the types of laws in place for scrap sellers in Kansas so that you can bring the proper paperwork or ID for selling metals. Below are some basics to know when you are selling scrap metal in Kansas and what to expect when bringing in material.

Summary of Kansas Scrap Laws:

  • Fingerprints: Scrap yards in Kansas are required to keep records of fingerprints of all sellers for 2 years.
  • Driver License: Kansas scrappers are also required to provide driver’s license to be on record for 2 years with a scrap yard.
  • Tag & Hold: Scrap yards are also required to have a 33 -day period of tag and hold for materials when notified by the authorities.
  • Smelted Material: Any material like copper that appear smelted, melted, or burned are required to have the seller sign for true ownership of it.
  • Get Further Details From Kansas Organizations on Scrap Laws
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