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It’s important to know what the Indiana Scrap Metal Laws are when you are looking to bring your material into your local yard. When you are preparing your scrap metal for your trip, make sure you know what information you may have to bring with you to sell your metal and receive the proper payment for it. If you have questions about the regulations and laws in Indiana, be sure to contact your local yard to ask what their procedures are. You can check the basic laws below from the iScrap App team.

Summary of Indiana Scrap Laws:

  • Records: Scrap yards must keep a record of all transactions for 2 years.
  • ID Information: Scrap yards in Indiana have to take a copy of the driver’s license when purchasing material.
  • Photos: When selling material, yards have to take a photo of the seller and keep it on record.
  • Tag & Hold: Scrap yards have a 5 day tag-and-hold policy when law officials get in touch with them.
  • Get Further Details From Indiana Organizations on Scrap Laws
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