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State Scrap Metal Laws in the United States

The iScrap App is a leading resource and directory for scrap yards in the US and Canada. With thousands of visitors every day on our website and mobile app, we have been asked by many users and visitors to provide scrap laws for metal recycling in the US. When you are searching for scrap yards on our website, it’s important to know what kind of scrap laws apply when selling your metals.

Most scrap metal laws are contingent on individual state legislation and regulations. The iScrap App team has worked with some of the recycling associations in various states and researched valid government resources online for the best information regarding scrap laws in each of the states. We have the information and guidelines simplified so that scrappers and peddlers know what to expect when selling their scrap metal to yards in the US.

Common Scrap Metal Laws:

  • Photos & Videos – Scrap yards are required to take photos/videos of materials, customers, and vehicles.
  • Payment Restrictions – Scrap yards are required to hold payments for period of time and also pay by check, not cash.
  • Seller ID Information – Customers could be subject to providing their driver’s license for proof and could be copied for records.
  • Fingerprints – Some states require fingerprints when selling scrap metal to yards.
  • Signature – Some states requires signatures from scrappers, stating they are the rightful owners of the material being sold.
  • Vehicle Information – Scrap yards are required to take license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions down for record.

These are some of the common laws and regulations set in place by authorities for scrap yards and those in the scrap industry. The scrap laws are set in place to not only protect the scrap yard, but the scrap yard customers as well to prevent theft, false accusations, and safety. Find your state scrap laws below for further details and information for scrap yards in your state.

Find Your State & Learn About Scrap Laws

Information Current as of June 2016.

Disclaimer: The iScrap App Inc. does not take responsibility for any misinterpreted or mistaken legal information provided in this document. We cannot offer legal advice of the information provided. This information was taken from public websites (credentials below) with official resources.

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