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Small GM Cat


There are many GM vehicles on the road these days, so scrapping GM Catalytic Converters are very common in the scrap industry. When scrapping smaller GM vehicles, they usually have a Small GM Catalytic Converter and that can be quoted for scrap value.

It’s Not Always About The Size But The Material

If you are looking for prices for your scrap GM Cat, the iScrap App can help you find the average national price for your catalytic converter. Keep in mind the prices for Small GM Cats, are based on the recovery of precious metals that are found inside when they are smelted. So some cats are going to be different in price based on the recovery rate.

What Are Cat Prices for a Small GM?

When looking for catalytic converter prices, the iScrap App prices are general average prices for cats so be sure to contact your buyer for more accurate numbers. You can also use and send them serial numbers and pictures to help determine the exact price for your Small GM Cat.

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Small GM Cat

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