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Regular Domestic Cat


Even though a Regular Domestic Catalytic Converter may sound like it’s classified in only one label, there are a variety of shapes and sizes that they come in. But they all have one thing in common: they are from domestic branded vehicles.

When you are scrapping a domestic vehicle or replacing the catalytic converter in it, be sure to check your cat and send some pictures to for a quote. You may want to check what kind of price you can get for recycling your Regular Domestic Cat because it can be helpful to offset the cost of repairs.

Types of Regular Domestic Catalytic Converters

Below we have collected a few brands that are common for having Regular Domestic Catalytic Converters. They can all be priced differently based on the brand and also the model. So generally, the prices for regular domestic cats can range so it’s important to get an accurate quote from by sending the serial numbers and photos.

Chevrolet Cat Ford Cat GM – General Motors Cat

Different Shapes & Sizes for Regular Domestic Cats

Prices for Regular Domestic Catalytic Converters are based on a number of factors. Not only does the brand matter, but also the model of the car, the year it was manufactured, and the processed precious metals found inside. Depending on the type of car it comes from the precious metals (Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium) recovered will determine the price of the cat.

Check Prices for Regular Domestic Catalytic Converters

The price that the iScrap App has on the website for Regular Domestic Catalytic Converters is only a national average. The prices for a specific one can be less or more depending on where you’re selling it and what kind it is. We suggest sending some pictures and serial numbers to to get your quote today.

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Regular Domestic Cat

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