Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.42/lb Updated 07/25/2024
Steel National Average $184.77/ton Updated 07/25/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.49/lb Updated 07/25/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 07/25/2024

Metal List with Glossary of Common Scrap Metals

Learn about different scrap metals from Non-Ferrous, Ferrous, and E-Scrap metals. With descriptions, videos, and tips on recycling your scrap metals. Check out the complete metal guide for experienced to beginner scrappers. Learn how to make more money on your materials.

Picture of THHN Wire


10-14 gauge wire, Spaghetti Wire, Solid copper inside.

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Picture of Tin


Household appliances (“white” goods), hot water heaters, and misc sheet steel.

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Picture of Tin Babbit

Tin Babbit

Must be analyzed and have no attachments.

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Picture of Tin Coated Copper

Tin Coated Copper

Copper wire with a small amount of tin as the coating.

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Picture of Tin Insulated Copper Wire

Tin Insulated Copper Wire

Tin Coated copper with insulation of any kind.

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Picture of Unclean Brass Radiators

Unclean Brass Radiators

Plastic or iron attached to radiators (no coolant).

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Picture of Uncleaned Auto Cast

Uncleaned Auto Cast

Whole or particle cast iron auto or truck engines. Transmissions may or may not be attached. Also can be called rotors and drums with plastic bare engine blocks.

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Picture of Unprepared Cast Iron

Unprepared Cast Iron

Assorted iron castings.

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Picture of Unprepared HMS

Unprepared HMS

Black pipe, longer unprepared pieces of HMS.

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Picture of Unprepared P&S

Unprepared P&S

Beam (I-Beams), channels, angles and/or plates, steel gerters, and structural steel from demolitition scrap. Material is over 36-60” in length dpending on a “3 or 5 foot” specification.

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