Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.60/lb Updated 06/16/2024
Steel National Average $178.16/ton Updated 06/16/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.49/lb Updated 06/16/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 06/16/2024

Metal List with Glossary of Common Scrap Metals

Learn about different scrap metals from Non-Ferrous, Ferrous, and E-Scrap metals. With descriptions, videos, and tips on recycling your scrap metals. Check out the complete metal guide for experienced to beginner scrappers. Learn how to make more money on your materials.

Picture of Complete Car

Complete Car

A vehicle that has the radiator, battery, catalytic converter, motor, transmission, wheels and tires. A title for the vehicle is required.

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Picture of Crushed Cars

Crushed Cars

Scrap Autos are to be prepared by a licensed “auto recycler,” once processed free of gas tank, fluids, and battery it is densified or “crushed” for transportation purposes.

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Picture of Dishwashers


Could be sold as is for scrap.

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Picture of Dry Automobile

Dry Automobile

Vehicle is drained of all fluids and the tires/wheels have been removed.

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Picture of Dryers


Could be sold as-is for scrap.

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Picture of Incomplete Car

Incomplete Car

A vehicle that is missing one or more of the following: radiator, battery, catalytic converter, motor, transmission, wheels and/or tires. Required to have a title for the vehicle.

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Picture of Light Iron

Light Iron

Household appliances (“white” goods), hot water heaters, and misc sheet steel.

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Picture of Machine Shop Turning/Iron Borings

Machine Shop Turning/Iron Borings

Unpainted, new production scrap smaller than 12" and nothing coated on.

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Picture of Plate & Structural Steel

Plate & Structural Steel

Prepared I-Beams, channels, angles and/or plates, steel gerters, and structural steel from demolition scrap. Clean/dry plate- not to be over 24” wide and 36-60” in lengeth depending on a “3 foot” or “5 foot” specification.

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Picture of Refrigerators


Could be sold as-is for scrap.

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Picture of Rotors


Rotors are a heavy steel and are from car and truck wheels. Most scrap yards that buy ferrous metals will accept them.

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