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Copper National Average $3.15/lb Updated 03/04/2024
Steel National Average $216.19/ton Updated 03/04/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.44/lb Updated 03/04/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $71.00/each Updated 03/04/2024

Large Foreign Cat

Last updated: 3 weeks ago
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$185.00/each Rock Island Recycling LLC, Wichita, Kansas 2/13/24
$211.00/each Greensboro, 9/18/22

About Large Foreign Cat


When you are scrapping different foreign vehicles, you may want to look out for Large Foreign Catalytic Converters. Or if you are looking to replace the one that is on your current vehicle, you may want to think about saving the broken one and selling it for scrap. 

The iScrap App Team is excited to start bringing catalytic converter scrap prices to our users along with our friends at You can check the average prices for a variety of scrap prices, including other catalytic converters.

Types of Large Foreign Catalytic Converters

There are dozens of classifications for catalytic converters, but there are a few common brands of manufacturers that Large Foreign catalytic converters come from. Keep in mind, some brands may be missing from the list below, so to get the most accurate price for your large foreign cat, be sure to request a quote from RRCats.

Hyundai Cat Kia Cat BMW Cat Mercedes Cat
Nissan Cat Toyota Cat Honda Cat Range Rover Cat
Porsche Cat Mazda Cat Subaru Cat Mitsubishi Cat

Some Large Foreign Cats May Be Price Differently

Some scrap cats from foreign cars may look like a “large” cat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be classified that way when getting a quote. Some Large Foreign Cats are actually small in size, so it’s always a good idea to get a price quote based on serial numbers and photos from

Scrap Prices for Large Foreign Catalytic Converters

The price on our website is an Average Price for Large Foreign Catalytic Converters, we encourage you to give the Team at RRCats a chance to quote your cat for you by sending some serial numbers or photos.

Top Non Ferrous Metals

Gold $30784/lb
Silver $325/lb
Large Foreign Cat $200/each
Large GM Cat $165/each
Zorba $155/ton
Small Foreign Cat $105.00/each
Small GM Cat $85.00/each
Catalytic Converters $71.001/each

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Large Foreign Cat

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