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Copper National Average $3.54/lb Updated 05/26/2024
Steel National Average $204.47/ton Updated 05/26/2024
Aluminum National Average $0.47/lb Updated 05/26/2024
Catalytic Converter Average $75.93/each Updated 05/26/2024

Inconel 800

Last updated: 11 months ago
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Recent Price History

$1.30/lb Phoenix, Arizona 10/2/19

About Inconel 800

What Is Inconel 800 And Where Do I Scrap It?

Inconel 800 is mainly used for construction equipment to resist corrosion and also for heating elements like piping. Get the latest Inconel 800 Scrap Prices and other scrap metal prices from the scrap yards listed on the iScrap App. To find a scrap metal yard near you accepting Inconel 800, use the iScrap App. The app will find local yards and their prices for Inconel 800 and other metals.

Who Will Buy Scrap Inconel?

To get the best pricing for Inconel 800, check with more than one yard for pricing. Prices for Inconel 800 will vary depending on what it is being used in and the yard you go to. If you have a lot of Inconel 800, ask you local yard about special Inconel 800 pricing. By filling out a container request form on the app the yard will be able to schedule a pickup of large amounts of Inconel 800.

Other Materials Similar To Inconel?

If you are working with Inco 800, then you probably will be working with some of these other high temperature alloys. Make sure that you ask your scrap yard what materials that they buy and you will be able to cash these other metals in as well.

Contact your local yard found on the iScrap App and start scrapping today.

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Top Non Ferrous Metals

Gold $30784/lb
Silver $325/lb
Large Foreign Cat $200/each
Large GM Cat $165/each
Zorba $155/ton
Small Foreign Cat $105.00/each
Small GM Cat $85.00/each
Catalytic Converters $75.93/each


Yards around Ashburn, VA that accept
Inconel 800

Staiman Recycling

213 Poplar Street Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331

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