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Copper National Average $1.97/lb Updated 08/18/2019
Steel National Average $121.00/ton Updated 08/18/2019
Aluminum National Average $0.25/lb Updated 08/18/2019

Dirty AL Radiators

Are Old Car Radiators Worth Money?

When your old dirty aluminum radiator breaks or if your just upgrading to a new one, the iScrap App can help you find local scrap metal yards as well as dirty AL radiator prices. Aluminum radiators generally do not have copper running through them, but mostly aluminum. Be sure to separate your dirty AL radiators from the rest of your scrap metal to get the best radiator prices.

Working On Cars? Here’s What Else To Scrap

Chances are if you are selling old aluminum radiators that you will have the chance to sell some of these other car parts for cash.

How To Properly Sell Radiators

Many times there will be freon or other fluids left inside of your Dirty AL Radiators, be sure to have it removed by a licensed HVAC before bringing it to your local scrap yard. Don’t allow your junk to be another man’s treasure when it could be your own. Whether its an old aluminum radiator or even a lightly used one, scrapping for cash will be to your benefit. See more Scrapping Videos here.

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Yards around Seattle, WA that accept
Dirty AL Radiators

PREMIUM YARD Tacoma Metals, Inc.

1754 Thorne Rd
Tacoma, Washington 98421

Phone: 253‑627‑1440

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Schnitzer – Woodinville

23711 63rd Ave SE
Woodinville, Washington 98072

Phone: 425‑481‑1828

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United Metals

19001 Yew Way
Snohomish, Washington 98296

Phone: (360) 668‑7355

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Schnitzer – Victoria

307 David St
Victoria, British Columbia V8T 5C

Phone: 250‑381‑5865

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