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Copper National Average $2.88/lb Updated 03/03/2021
Steel National Average $160.00/ton Updated 03/03/2021
Aluminum National Average $0.37/lb Updated 03/03/2021

Clean Brass Radiators

Let’s Go Over Brass Radiators

Clean Brass Radiators can be worth good money for scrapping with your local scrap metal yard. To find one, use the iScrap App and be sure to ask them for the current scrap brass radiators price. Your brass radiator scrap price can be higher if you clean the steel and iron off the sides of the material. If the Clean Brass Radiator is really clean, the price of clean brass radiators will be worth your time.

What To Do About Large Brass Radiator Loads

For larger loads, like from plumbers, demolition jobs, and more, schedule a scrap metal pick up from the iScrap App. Contact the scrap yard and ask them for their possible scrap metal price of scrap brass radiators. Get your Clean Brass Radiators together and start making more money on them today with the current Clean Brass Radiators Scrap Prices from the local scrap yards . See more Scrapping Videos here.

Should You Clean Your Rads?

That answer should always be YES! Clean brass radiators (while it may take some work) will always pay more then ones that have steel or plastic on them. Cleaning your radiators will always be a great way to make more money and we highly encourage it.

If you are working with brass radiators then you may be working with some of these other items for scrapping as well:

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Yards around , that accept
Clean Brass Radiators

PREMIUM YARD Wichita Material Recovery, LLC

624 E Morris Street
Wichita, Kansas 67211

Phone: 316‑303‑9303

Opens today at 8:00 AM

Glickman Metal Recycling, LLC

410 E.25th St. N
Wichita, Kansas 67219

Phone: 316‑838‑9381

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ABC Recycling LLC

815 East Gilbert
Wichita, Kansas 67211

Phone: 316‑269‑2900

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