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Back Panels

Scrap Gold Back Panels

Back Panels scrap can usually be found from larger computer and electronic systems. The e-waste Back Panels are usually where the other low-grade or higher level computer boards are attached to in the electronic systems. You can scrap Back Panels with a local scrap yard found on the iScrap App. Find a scrap yard that accepts them and ask them for the Back Panels scrap price.

Are Back Panels Common?

Back panels are not something that you will see too often and finding the right scrap yard to buy them from you will not be the easiest thing as well. You will have to call and read online to learn if your local yard will take these materials because they are not an item that all yards will take or accept.

Where Do You Find Back Panels?

If you are a home owner be sure to separate these scrap computer panels from other scrap you may have to make the most money on them and get the best Back Panels Scrap Prices. Chances  are you will not find back panels in your normal home computers, but normally out of larger server equipment from big data centers. If you have a larger quantity of Back Panels or any other scrap metal, you can find a specialty electronic scrap buyer through the iScrap App to learn about pricing and more. You can also contact the scrap yards in the area to ask them what their most recent price of computer Back Panels are. See more Scrapping Videos here.

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Yards around Ashburn, VA that accept
Back Panels

PREMIUM YARD Potomac Metals-Sterling

45655 Woodland Road
Sterling, Virginia 20166

Phone: 703‑430‑3667

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PREMIUM YARD Potomac Metals-Manassas

11900 Livingston Road
Manassas, Virginia 20109

Phone: 703‑330‑3444

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PREMIUM YARD Potomac Metals-Springfield

6619 Iron Place
Springfield, Virginia 22151

Phone: 703‑226‑3716

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PREMIUM YARD Potomac Metals-Ranson

410 16th Ave
Ranson, West Virginia 25438

Phone: 304‑724‑1002

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PREMIUM YARD Potomac Metals-Beltsville

5215 Holland Drive
Beltsville, Maryland 20705

Phone: 240‑297‑9148

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PREMIUM YARD Kirby Metal Recycling

5832 Kirby Road
Clinton, Maryland 20735

Phone: 301‑297‑5420

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PREMIUM YARD Potomac Metals-Waldorf

2 Henry Ford Circle
Waldorf, Maryland 20602

Phone: 240‑222‑4001

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Recycle Management

3426 US HWY 340 Business West
Stanley, Virginia 22851

Phone: 1‑540‑778‑2424

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