Your Scrap Yard Trip Is Like The Super Bowl

Getting your scrap metal ready for the scrap yard is not an easy task when you are hauling hundreds or thousands of pounds every month. Similar to the Super Bowl there are several steps to getting prepared for the “big game” when bring your scrap to the yard. Here are a few “creative” similarities of scrapping and playing in the Super Bowl.

Preparation & Hard Work

Collecting your scrap metal and material for the scrap yard can be hard work. Working with local communities and clients when you are picking up materials and doing clean outs can contribute to a long day. Just like the Super Bowl preparation is key when you are separating and getting your scrap prepared to bring to the scrap yard. It is important to use your magnet to separate your ferrous metals from your non-ferrous metals. Be sure to use it to your benefit to have everything prepared for the scrap yard before you head in.

Being Coached

Just like any successful Super Bowl champion, there is usually a great coach standing guiding them. Use that idea for scrapping and get coached on scrapping smarter and better. View and research different resources for the best tips and advice for scrapping. Connect with different YouTubers that scrap and get some helpful tips and ways to make more money on your scrap. Whether you take advice about scrapping motors from Moose Scrapper, scrapping a computer monitor tips from OriginalFeets or having your questions answered by the iScrap App team, having helpful advice can lead to more money at the scale. You can also get first-hand tips from the iScrap App team and our partners in our Scrapper Tip emails for FREE.


Unfortunately these cheerleaders don’t come with cute, tassel covered outfits or pom-poms, but they do come with some great encouragement and information that can help you accomplish your goal of receiving more money at the scale. Finding the right communities to cheer you on and encourage you to scrap better is important when you are looking to make a living with it. There are several forums, blogs, and communities that you can join and follow to get some encouragement from.

Showtime for the Big Game

Now that you are prepared and have the right advice on scrapping, it is time to head to the scrap yard and deliver the best performance. Once you have all your material separated and loaded for the scrap yard, be sure to give them a call ahead of time to get the latest prices or check them out on the iScrap App. When you arrive be sure to unload your materials separately to ensure you are being weighed in with the correct materials for the correct price.

Game Results & Touchdown Dance

Now that you have weighed in and have unloaded your scrap at the scrap yard it is time to celebrate your victory. Check your receipt to be sure your materials were weighed up correctly and count your money to make sure you were paid the correct amount. Then you can let the celebrating begin. Go home crack open a couple brews or take your family out to a nice steak dinner. Sit back and relax your hard work paid off. You’re a Scrap Metal Champion!

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