Winter Greetings From Canada!

Many of those living in Canada know what to expect when the winter months roll around. So what do they do with the news of more snow, cold weather, and shoveling? They have fun with it. These winter greetings from Canada are a great way to pass the time if you are just so sick with the snow already. Enjoy!

1. Literally snowed 2 feet.2 feet of snow

2. New dashboard cam.

canadian dashboard cam

3. Can I see a show of hands please?

snow covered gloves

4. It’s opposite day.

snow stop sign

5. Your turn.

snow tic tac toe

6. Lance Armstrong came to visit.

snowman biking

7. This snowman death was less painful than melting.

snow person on car

8. Beautiful…dirty artwork.

dirty car art

9. Kids get in!

snow stick figures

10. It’s important to have a designated driver.

designated snow driver

11. They’re waiting for you to clean them off!

car snow designs

12. Snow-mageddon!

mini snowmen

13. Happy Holidays!

winter greetings from canada

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