Why Scrapping Requires Patience & Hard Work

It’s no secret that scrapping is a tough job and hard labor on the body. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its rewards, because we all know it does. Scrapping can be frustrating at times like when times are slow with new material or prices have taken a hit. The difference between a good scrapper and a great scrapper is: patience and hard work.

Don’t Put Too Much Scrap in One Truck

Some scrappers are so determined to collect all of the scrap in their area that they will go to extremes to get it. There are the night crawlers that scout out the neighborhoods in their areas at late hours searching for the latest scrap drop offs. Then there are those that schedule their scrapping schedule around the garbage collection days in their community.

Most of these extreme scrappers get some great picks when searching the neighborhoods, but many scrappers also realize that they aren’t able to get ALL of the scrap in the area. That’s when motivation and patience comes in.

Being a scrapper is hard work and a large part of the job is knowing you can’t get all of the scrap. Don’t get upset or jealous of other scrappers’ finds. If you got ever job something would be wrong. Work hard and good jobs will come your way.

Working for what you can get is the biggest part of being a full-time scrap metal recycler. It can be frustrating when you see a pile of junk on the side of the road, but realize that someone got there before you and picked up all of the valuable scrap, leaving you with the bulk steel and iron pile.

A resource that you can use to help better yourself as a scrapper and make more money is find the right connections. Perhaps there are other scrappers in the area that you are “competing” with and are getting beaten to the punch by. Why not reach out to them and see if there is a way to work together.

If you both are looking to make more money, it may be a good idea to get together and start picking the scrap piles side by side. While agreeing on splitting the earnings down the middle may seem like a loss at first, think of the potential you have working together for the scrap in the area.

Extras of Teaming Up:

  • Cover more ground to get scrap
  • Have more man-power to pick up and load larger materials and items
  • Conduct a small business for junk collections in the area
  • Give each other leads of new scrap in the area
  • Learn from each other some of the best scrapping skills
  • Two Scrappers are better than one
Be sure to stay patient when times are slow and always remember you can’t collect ALL of the scrap in the world, even though we would all love to. Work hard for the scrap you can get now, and be sure to use all your tricks in your scrapper handbook to make more money. Even considering a scrapping team member can be beneficial to cover more ground. Be sure to use the iScrap App on the go when you are looking to dump the latest load of scrap off while you’re on the go.

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